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Devanshi 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Kusum telling her brother that the girl can sing in Shuddi divas, but I m worried for Vardaan. He says don’t worry, Vardaan can’t do anything now. Vardaan catches Devanshi and takes her to a room. He ties her and says I just want you not to sing tomorrow, be calm, else you can’t see your sister again. Devanshi gets shocked and sees her. He says I just this, you don’t sing tomorrow, once Shuddi divas ends, I will free you.

She asks what’s your enmity with them, why do you want to stop Shuddi divas. He says I don’t talk to people who sell their morales for money, you are shameless to agree to Kusum for some money. She asks how dare you think this about me, I m here so that my sisters get fine, I have no greed in my heart. He says talk less, once their Shuddhi divas ends, I will send you with honor. She says I m not scared of you, I m going, stop me if you can.

He stops her and she falls on him. Piya re…..plays…….. She gets away. She says I request you to let me go, my sister is alone there, she needs me. He says I can’t do anything, sit with peace. She cries. Nutan, Gopi and servant catch Sakshi. Nutan asks her to stop running. Sakshi says I have to meet my sister and cries. Nutan twists her hand. She says now show me by going to your sister, what will you do. Sakshi says I will see how you stop me. She makes them fall and gets a stick to beat them. Sakshi beats Nutan and Gopi.

Vardaan and Devanshi argue. She says its blind faith, not any belief, if you don’t agree, then your sister has to bear all this alone. Sakshi takes her bag and starts leaving. Servant hits on her head. Sakshi falls down. Nutan says you saved us, this girl is not mad, she is dangerously mad, don’t know I recall Devanshi and Sakshi seeing her. She asks servants to find her singer sister.

Its morning, Devanshi wakes up and sees Vardaan sleeping. She thinks to run away and sees the lock. She finds keys near him and tries to get it. He moves in sleep. She gets away. She thinks he is fool to sleep, she can do anything to Sakshi, she will open his eyes now. She holds the chilli powder near the fan. Vardaan screams and asks is she mad. She gets the keys and opens the lock. He says I will not leave you. She says I can fight with world for my sister, you can’t stop me from singing.

She comes to Sakshi and asks what happened to her. Servant says nothing, she is sleeping. She asks what did you do. He says she got mental attack, I had to hit her on head to make her faint. She gets angry and scolds the servant.

He says I had no other way, where did you go. She says that guy had kidnapped me and hidden me in storeroom, go and catch him. Servant asks her to change and come fast for Shuddi divas, if you have to stay here, you have to sing there. He goes. Devanshi says Sakshi, we have to stay here for your treatment, I have to go and sing, forgive me to leave you alone. She asks Maiyya to take care of Sakshi. She thinks of Vardaan’s words. She says I will sing on Shuddi divas today. Nutan says everything will be fine when that girl comes. Servant tells Kusum that girl is found, she is coming here. Kusum asks where was she. Servant says that horse rider has kidnapped that girl. Kusum and her brother get angry.

Devanshi is on the way. She says I have to reach temple before that guy tries to stop me, its imp for me to sing song. Vardaan comes there to find her. She gets tired and goes to drink water from the tap. Vardaan sees her. Devanshi sees him and gets shocked. He thinks I will not let this Shuddi divas get complete. She thinks I will sing song on Shuddi Divas.

Devanshi 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:
Kusum sees Sakshi and says she is Devanshi. People get angry. Devanshi runs and says I m Devanshi. Kusum and her brother ask people to burn Devanshi and punish her.

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