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Devanshi 1st September 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 1st September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi coming to temple and seeing Maiyya. She cries and recalls what all happened with her. Kalki comes to her. Devanshi says the thread you tied to my hand saved me, I lost my child and senses also, Maiyya saved me so that I take revenge from bad people, Maiyya forgive me to lose belief. Kalki says come, we will do aarti. They pray and do the aarti together. Devanshi happily cries. Devanshi gets a call from Maya, I was coming to give you cheque to you, but I met with an accident on the way, when I recover, I will come and give the cheque. Devanshi gets shocked and thinks if this is Maya, who hs staying as Maya here.

Maya comes there and smiles. Kalki stares at her. Devanshi asks Kalki to go. Kalki goes. Devanshi asks who are you, I know you are not Maya. Maya starts laughing. She says I m not Maya, I got her face and came here, I fooled you, so even Pavan didn’t identify me, I m Kukarmi Devi’s ansh, I have to come to ruin everyone, maiyya has snatched your parents, your friend, love and even your child, what did she do for you, I can see your sorrow and make it away, there is still time, leave this Devi and come to Kukarmi Devi, I will end all your problems. She asks her to come on her side and rule on this village, such chance doesn’t come often. Devanshi slaps her and scolds a lot. She says you can’t snatch everyone’s devotion and belief, and you didn’t understand me, you are a fool, you are giving me greed of these things, I have refused to all, I have lost much in life, but I got a lot also, Maiyya has given me all that, she saved me from death and gave me new life, I got a friend like Pavan and a girl like Kalki, my belief on Maiyya will never end.

Maya says you are proud of Kalki and Pavan, I will kill them. Devanshi says I m not scared to lose, Maiyya always saved me, now its my turn, I have to save villagers’ belief, I will not let that break, I promise, you can’t do anything. Nutan says I have to be safe, attacker can attack me also. Gopi calls her foolish to put glass pieces in room. She says what will we do if he comes, he will step on glasses and screams, then we will wake up. He says its nonsense plan, the attacker will come with knife, it will not wait for you to sleep, he will come any time. She says I didn’t think of this. He says we have to find out who were those attackers and who has sent them.

Kusum says Pavan would have known truth by now, before he tells this to everyone, I will tell truth to villagers, Kalki will become Mata and I will become Rajmata, I will control innocent villagers again. Kalki says I m very happy, your lost belief came back. Devanshi hugs her and says I m always with you, none can harm you, don’t get scared of Maya. Kalki says she is not good, I can’t see you getting troubled. Devanshi says person has goodness and badness in him, Maya’s goodness ended, our fight is with her evil, not her. She asks her to listen to her.

Kalki agrees. Devanshi says till you get your mum, I will fulfill that responsibility, you were saying right, Maiyya is saving me always, I will not let Kukarmi Devi’s plan work. Gopi comes to Nutan. She says its bullet proof jacket, I bribed police and got this, I got one for you also. He says I don’t want to wear. He wishes pavan was here. Devanshi calls Pavan and says he has to know Maya is not his sister. She worries if he is in any problem, did he find doctor or not. Pavan messages he is fine, there is network problem, he will meet doctor. She thinks I need you the most, come back soon. Pavan is tied up to a chair.


Devanshi 2nd September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Maya tells about a book of sins. Kalki scolds Devanshi. Kusum asks Devanshi to get scared of Kalki’s powers. Kalki shows her powers. Devanshi gets shocked.

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