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Devanshi 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Devanshi 20th April 2017 Full Episode Watch Online on

The Episode starts with Kusum lying in the water tub. She gets shocked seeing the water moving. Mohan emerges from the water. She recalls sending Mohan away. He holds her and asks did she miss him, did she miss his love and service, did she think of him during nights, if not during daytime. He asks what happened. She looks at him. He says you are selfish and hurts her. He says you have thrown me out of the village, there is no bigger Daayan than you, you have no heart, but I have changed now, I also turned selfish like you, that day you came to save me being scared that I would take your name, I would have died but not taken my name, you don’t trust anyone.

She asks why did you come after so many years, what do you want from me. He says your reign, you made me a servant, now I have come back.She comes out of the bath tub and says now I m not the old Kusum, I have become more powerful. He laughs and tells how Devanshi donated her money in poor, how she made you dance, since Devanshi came back from Samadhi, she got famous, she will marry Vardaan and then your reign will end, Mata Devanshi’s reign will begin.

She looks on surprised. He asks what happened, you felt I don’t know anything, I m the one who worked with you, who got after you as shadow, your cleverness won’t work on me, I know very soon your reign is going to end. She gets angry and says Devanshi can’t show miracles like me. He asks which miracle, which you did behind the statue, what will happen if Devanshi reveals the curtain. She says no, none can know that secret. He laughs and says your game is over, don’t be mistaken. Nutan comes there. Kusum says I m coming. She hurts Mohan by her hairpin. He faints.

Kusum goes to attend the villagers. She says the danger cloud did not go. The man says but Devanshi took Samadhi. She says so bad happened with me in 14 years, even Ishwar got away from me, I have gone through a lot, this marriage can’t happen. Devanshi comes and asks why, I gave Samadhi test also. The lady says marriage should not happen if Kusum is saying. The man says if anything wrong happens, you will be responsible. Devanshi asks them to listen, nothing will happen. The man says refuse for it, this marriage will get bad time for us. Devanshi cries and thinks I did a lot for them, but they don’t trust me. She leaves.

She goes somewhere. She sees Vardaan’s pic with blood and gets shocked. She says this can’t happen to Vardaan. Servant hides and smiles. She runs and faints. Devanshi dreams and sees the bright light. She sees Shani Dev. She greets him and asks are you really Shani Dev. He says yes, my work is to show path to devotees and get them on path. He says I m surprised, how did your belief get shaken up today, what is making you so scared. She says its true Shanidev, I feel much fear today, I fear to lose something, till date till happened with me, whoever was close to my heart left me, my parents, Rajjo, Ashutosh, Omi and Sarla, Geeta, but now I love someone and want to marry him, I want to get happiness, I m scared if he will also go away from me.

He says that’s why I have come here, you did not do any bad deed that Vardaan may go away from you. She asks why did I see just darkness around. He says darkness is necessary, else how can we value sunlight, falling is necessary to get courage to get up, gold has to be heated to take form of ornament, you are true, nothing wrong will happen with you, you will win, my blessings are with you. She thanks him. He goes. She is seen sleeping.


Devanshi 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Devanshi gets shocked seeing Vardaan unconscious. She says whatever happens, I will marry Vardaan today.

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