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Devanshi 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Devanshi 20th February 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Geeta telling Devanshi about her killer. Kusum washes her blood stained hands. Devanshi says Kusum Sundari. Geeta dies. Devanshi shouts and says Kusum Sundari has done this. Kusum heads back to temple. Malik makes Rajjo wear varmala. Rajjo thinks of Ishwar’s words and puts garland in Malik’s neck. Devanshi and Sakshi drag the cart, having Ashutosh and Geeta’s bodies. Nutan does Rajjo and Malik’s ghatbandhan. Kusum comes and looks on. Rajjo thinks pheras will start now. Devanshi drags the cart.

Rajjo thinks what shall I do now and worries. Nutan asks her to stand up and take pheras. Kusum asks what’s the problem, get up fast. Rajjo takes the pheras with Malik. Devanshi finds hard and pulls the cart with ropes. She shouts Kusum Sundari. Everyone hear her.

They all rush out. Everyone get shocked seeing Geeta and Ashutosh dead. Kusum cries and says my Geeta…. Rajjo runs to Ashutosh and asks him to get up. Mohan gets shocked. Kusum asks who did this with my Geeta, Devanshi who killed them. Devanshi pushes Kusum and says you killed them. They all get shocked.

Kusum asks did she know everything, but how, was anyone of them alive. Lady says look at her courage to push Mata Kusum Sundari, what sin did Devanshi do. Devanshi says Kusum Sundari does not deserve to be called Mata, I pushed her, as she deserves this, she is not Mata, she is a Daayan, Mohan and Kusum killed my parents and Sarju, and she has killed Geeta and Ashutosh. Kusum asks do you know on whom are you raising finger, I m Devi’s ansh. Devanshi says no, you are a murderer. Vardaan cries. Gopi gets angry and asks how dare you blame Kusum.

Kusum says she got mad, she loved Geeta a lot, someone killed Geeta so Devanshi got the shock, she is blaming me. Devanshi says I m not lying, its true, Geeta has told me KS before she died.

She asks Kusum what does it mean, tell me, KS means Kusum Sundari. Mohan looks on. Vardaan recalls seeing KS in the locket. The man says why will anyone lie before death. Nutan says Kusum did a lot for this girl, and she is calling Kusum a murderer. The man says this is true, its like drinking poison for us to believe Devanshi, but why will this girl lie, when she dragged these two bodies, she can’t lie, there is something.

The people talk and agree. Kusum shouts no, Devanshi is lying, all blames on wrong, I have thought good for everyone and you all are believing this girl, why. Devanshi shouts I m saying truth, truth is bigger than lie, the one who says truth wins, Geeta told this truth to me, she can never lie. Vardaan says so you are that woman, Ishwar and Geeta wanted to bring out, you knew this and killed Geeta, you did something with Ishwar, where is he, tell me.

Kusum shouts shut up, even my son is doubting on me. Vardaan says yes, I trust Devanshi more than you, she never lied and will never lie, if Geeta took your name, it means you are that woman who was involved with Mohan, and maybe Ishwar was not telling us your name, he was going to walk on his feet in front of Jwalapuri and expose your true face. They all get shocked.

The man asks Ishwar was going to walk on his feet and talk. Vardaan says yes, Ishwar got fine, he can walk and talk. The man says it means Ishwar got fine, where is our Lord. Vardaan says ask your Mata about this, remove your blind devotion and ask her, what did she do with Ishwar.
Kusum says I don’t know, I did not do anything. He says you knew Ishwar is going to bring your truth out. Nutan and Gopi look on. Vardaan says you did something to Ishwar, if he was here, he would have told your truth to all family members, maybe he knew you will get saved and kill him, so he chose this Maha Ashtami day to tell your truth, so that you can’t get saved, now he is not here, you are behind this, you are after his disappearance. Mohan thinks sorry Kusum, I want you to get saved, but now none can save you.

Vardaan says if I have to believe either of Kusum or Devanshi, I will trust Devanshi, Kusum is a murderer. The people call Kusum a murderer. She shouts I did not do anything, are you not ashamed to doubt on Mata. The lady says you lied to us, you acted till now, you are a murderer. Vardaan picks stone and throws at Kusum. The people also throw stones at her. Everyone look on.


Devanshi 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :After 14 years, Devanshi will return to Jwalapuri. Devanshi is now regarded a Daayan.

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