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Devanshi 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi laughing on Kusum and saying I heard of your cheap magic tricks, Mohan helps you always, I know everything. Mohan gets angry. Devanshi asks him to stay away, else she can make him go behind bars. Kusum says we will prove the papers are fake. Devanshi asks really, do you have original papers. Menka gets the cold water. Kusum thinks if this girl is really Devanshi, she will scream her language by this cold water. Menka throws the water on Devanshi. Devanshi asks what the hell is this, it was your plan to check if I m Devanshi, you thought I will talk in your language, it was cheap plan, now its over.

Menka says Kusum asked me to do this. Devanshi takes her necklace and says its superb. She says this is the price to spoil my designer dress. She goes. Kusum says it was last necklace, she took even that, its all because of Menka. Devanshi stumbles. Vardaan asks her to be careful. She says I can manage myself, I don’t need you. He says its good, I care for people who hate me. She says wow, so much care of people, where did your care go when your wife and would be child needed you, you left them, many stories go on in village, I got to know it. He asks her not to interfere in his personal life, I hate my wife, she cheated me, that child was not mine. She gets angry.

She asks about the race, did he lose the challenge. He says yes. She claps. She says like we decided, you will do what I say, your stable will be mine from today. He says fine, you won the bet. She thanks him and asks him to try the dress. She thinks Vardaan insulted me that our child is of Shikhar, how would I feel hearing that. Vardaan wears the servant’s dress. She says wow, great, just get the juice to my room. She goes. Kusum asks Vardaan what’s all this, you gave the stable to her. He says I had given my word, but I will not forget this insult, I will get stable back. Kusum says I can understand, don’t know when did Ishwar sell everything, he died and made us fall in trouble. He asks her not to say anything against Ishwar. She says I did not mean that, sorry. He says no, I m sorry. She says we have to stop him. He says temple will not break. Servant asks them to come fast and save temple, Kalki’s men are getting all the things out. Gopi and Mohan ask Devanshi to stop this sin.

Kusum and Vardaan come. Vardaan says you have to pay the price for this, you are doing wrong. Kusum says I will give my life but not let this happen. Devanshi asks her to give her life, but not disturb her. Kusum lies down and says I will not let anyone take the idol. Vardaan asks Devanshi not to insult Kusum. Devanshi says drama queen. She goes to step on Kusum. Kusum gets up and shotus. Devanshi asks her to stop drama. Kusum runs inside temple. Devanshi says I will give you permission to keep idol here, but you have to give rent, tell me fast, if you agree.

Vardaan gets angry. She asks what happened, do you want to hit me. He says no, I don’t raise hand on women. She says I m woman but not weak, I need reply, are you ready to give rent. Kusum says we agree to give rent to keep idol here. He asks how can we bend in front of her, I will not be quiet. Kusum asks him to calm down. Devanshi says fine, idol’s fate is in my hands, none will get permission to come inside this temple, if anyone wants to come, entry fees will be 100rs. Vardaan says its not any zoo or circus, people come here to pray. She goes. She thinks to defame Kusum. People come and argue with Devanshi. Devanshi says Kusum told me you will pay the rent and fees, go and ask her. The people get angry. Devanshi thinks to break Kusum’s hope, she can’t win in elections now.


Devanshi 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Devanshi asks them to get a stay order for house as well. She drives the bulldozer. Everyone run. Vardaan stands in front of the bulldozer.

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