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Devanshi 20th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 20th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Vardaan talking of punishing Mohan. Devanshi stops Vardaan. Mohan says I supported Kusum, she forced me to do this, I was quiet as she has fed me money, I got greedy, I m staying here, I had time to run away, but I did not run, I had to repent for my mistakes, I stayed here and exposed Kusum. Vardaan gets angry. Devanshi signs no. She says he did sin, but he supported us, he could have run away, but he told truth to everyone, none would have known about Kusum’s fake hand, she emotionally blackmailed everyone.

Mohan says you are really devi’s ansh, you have a big heart. Devanshi asks him to stay, but not as special servant. Mohan says I want to stay as ordinary servant, I will repent for my sins. She says fine, I m giving you a last chance, if you do mistake again, your state will be like Kusum. He says this is your favor on me. Vardaan goes. Mohan chants Devanshi’s name and goes. Devanshi asks servants to go to hut and get Kusum’s dead body. She thinks if Kusum alive.

Vardaan gets annoyed. Devanshi comes. He asks her does he have any value or not. She says you are my everything. He asks her why did she not discuss with him before, she would have not hidden that Kusum is not his real mum, it was his right to know this. Servant asks her to come fast, she is needed in darbar. She goes.

They see a dead body. Nutan says its Kusum’s dead body. Gopi says how can this happen, I went to hut to see. Devanshi tries to see. Nutan says its much burnt, you can’t see, its death in this house, marriage can’t happen now. Devanshi says no, Nutan is right, marriage should not happen in this state. Nutan says its big abshagun. Devanshi says prepare for Kusum’s final rites.

The lady gets up and apologizes, saying Nutan gave me money to become dead body of Kusum. Devanshi says I have seen body moving and understood its Nutan’s plan. Gopi tells Nutan that none can cheat Devanshi. Devanshi warns her not to do this again.

Menka is brought to the mandap. Golu sees her. Nutan says she is looking pretty in the clothes given by us. Devanshi compliments Menka and asks her to live the best moments of her life. Some woman is seen passing in jungle. Menka stops and acts weird. Nutan asks what’s happening to her. Devanshi asks what happened. Golu gets tensed. Everyone worry. Menka gets normal. Kaki makes her sit in mandap.

Mohan asks pandit to chant mantra and ward off bad sight. Menka starts shivering. Golu asks pandit to wait, I will not marry, I won’t take rounds with this ghost, I don’t want to ruin my life. Vardaan asks him to sit back, its not any ghost, call some doctor. Devanshi worries seeing Menka. She prays. Menka calms down.

Devanshi asks her is she fine. The marriage rituals begin. Golu and Menka take wedding rounds. Kaki says Menka is coming under your shadow, she is safe, Nutan’s behavior is troubling me, let her Bua stay with her for some days. Devanshi agrees to her. She tells Nutan about Menka’s Bua coming to stay with them. Nutan asks who is she. Kaki says she will reach here anytime.

Golu fills Menka’s maang and makes her wear mangalsutra. Marriage completes. Devanshi welcomes Menka and Golu. She does their grahpravesh. They all get shocked seeing a woman entering the house with groom and bride. Devanshi asks who is she. The woman says I m Menka’s Bua, Kulakshani, its a curse, I m born with bad fate, whoever saw my face, they faced bad things, so people gave me this name. Menka says she is my devotion and strength. Mohan thinks is this true what I m thinking.


Devanshi 21st May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vardaan lifts Menka. Bua says its wrong that Vardaan lifted Menka and taking her to room. Devanshi thinks something is happening wrong since Bua came. She asks Bua to show her face.

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