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Devanshi 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi seeing Nutan scolding a little girl. She goes to console the girl. Nutan thinks is she Devanshi. Devanshi sees Nutan and says this girl spoiled my clothes, its because of Nutan, if this girl got lost, don’t know what would the mad villagers do, hold the girl and find her parents. She goes. Nutan says she can’t be Devanshi. Vardaan says I respect your decision, you should have not agreed to her. Kusum asks did I had any option than this. Gopi comes and says come fast, villagers are angry, Kalki’s man stopped them from coming inside temple. Kusum says no, this can’t happen today, party member is coming, if he sees villagers are not listening to me, I won’t get the ticket, I want this chair at any cost. She sees Vardaan and Gopi staring. Mohan signs Kusum. Kusum says I want the chair to do good for people.

Vardaan says give me some time, trust me, I will end this problem. Gopi says yes, Maiyya is with us. Vardaan asks everyone to calm down, its matter of some time. The lady gets angry on her. The people scold Kusum. Vardaan says we did not agree to Kalki’s conditions. Lady says enough, what was the need to sell temple to Kalki. Kusum asks them to calm down. People angrily throw stones. Lady asks who are you to decide for us, we will deal with this ourselves. Vardaan says stop, I promised you none can stop you from going inside temple. He gets papers from lawyer. He says this is stay order from temple, none can stop you all from going inside temple. He asks manager to read papers. Devanshi comes. Manager goes to her.

Vardaan says we will win the case. Kusum says I knew you will never let my head bow down. He asks Devanshi to use her powers and make them out of here. Devanshi says in just 10 mins, I will make you all out of here. Kusum thinks what will this girl do. Devanshi goes and asks manager to get a new gate here. Nutan asks what are you saying. Devanshi says I m going to break this house. Nutan asks what are you saying. The bull dozer comes. Devanshi asks her to look there. Nutan gets shocked and runs to tell Kusum. Devanshi thinks Vardaan feels he has won by getting stay order, see how I break you from family. Vardaan says none is breaking temple, nothing will change. Kusum says I told you all, I will not let the girl touch the temple, don’t worry now. Nutan calls Gopi. He gets shocked.

Gopi asks Kusum to come fast, Kalki and her men are breaking our house, we have to think something. They get shocked. Nutan says stop, are you mad for Maiyya’s sake. They all come there and get shocked. Devanshi says I told you all, I will get you all out of the temples in 10 mins. Vardaan says Ishwar has made this by hardwork, don’t break this. Devanshi ignores him. Kusum requests her not to break the house. Vardaan takes Devanshi’s phone and says listen to me carefully. She says go ahead and break, you have to do payment, its costly phone.

Kusum asks her to take phone, what will happen by anger. Vardaan says no need to beg to her, she has no humanity. Devanshi asks her to take stay order for the house as well. Vardaan says no, this bulldozer will touch my house after I die. Kusum says you are saying right, this is the way now, I m with you. Vardaan and everyone stand in front of the gate. Devanshi says full drama. She asks the man to come ahead. Mohan shouts stop.

The man stops the bulldozer. Devanshi asks him to drive ahead. The man refuses. She gets on the bulldozer. Gopi says I have no doubt, she can’t be Devanshi, she is Kalki, if she was Devanshi, she would have never dared to break the house made by Ishwar. Vardaan says we are together, and will be standing in front of us. He says my family is with me, go ahead. Devanshi thinks to show Vardaan how much unity his family has. Devanshi drives ahead. Everyone run aside. Kusum worries and sees Vardaan. Mohan signs her to run. Kusum acts to faint. Vardaan holds her. Devanshi thinks drama queen. Vardaan asks Kusum to go. Kusum says I won’t go leaving you. He says I m enough for this Kalki, go. Kusum acts. Vardaan stands alone. Devanshi stops and asks are you standing alone, what happened, your family unity is gone. Vardaan says I will not move. She says as you wish. They ask Vardaan to move.


Devanshi 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Inspector says I came to arrest Kusum and Vardaan. Devanshi says Kusum gave me a spiked drink, then Vardaan misbehaved…. Inspector arrests them.