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Devanshi 22nd April 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 22nd April 2017 Written Episode Update and Devanshi 22nd April 2017 Full Episode Watch Online on

The Episode starts with Devanshi thinking why did Kusum sit in havan when she does not love Vardaan. Kusum signs pandit. Pandit keeps the coconut near the fire diya. Devanshi pours water on it. They all ask what did you do this. Pandit says its abshagun, why did you do this. Devanshi says I stopped abshagun, this coconut has bomb. Vardaan asks her is she mad, how can this happen. She stops him. He opens the coconut and sees there is nothing inside. Ishwar asks her is she fine. Nutan says this marriage is destruction, it should not happen, agree to Kusum and stop this marriage. Ishwar says you should know what to talk and when. Kusum asks him not to scold Nutan, Devanshi created trouble in puja, its not a shubh sign. Vardaan says whatever Devanshi did is because of your prediction, Devanshi our love is true, so nothing wrong will happen with us.

Pandit says but she did hurdle in puja. Vardaan says its fine, we will go ahead, this marriage is imp for me. He asks Devanshi not to insist. He goes. Ishwar explains Devanshi that Kusum made her do this, you are sensible, there are just four days for marriage. Devanshi says Shani Dev came in my dream. He says it means Shani Dev is with you, this marriage is important so that you can become bahu of my house and end Kusum’s evil, you will win.

Kusum says when Vardaan stops trusting Devanshi, it will be good, I will win the lost trust and break Devanshi and Vardaan’s marriage. She calls Mohan and says I know your given 6 hours are over, your wait is over, you will rise for both of us with a grand entry.

Gopi catches Mohan and asks Kusum to come in darbar fast. Nutan says we should punish him. Gopi says I also want to kill him, let Kusum come, she will decide. Kusum comes and thinks its happening as I thought, I need Mohan to stop this marriage. Gopi says Mohan is running since 14 years, we should kill him, command me. Kusum stops him and asks Mohan why did he come back after many years, knowing everyone will kill him. Gopi asks him to say. Mohan says I was living by dying every moment, I did wrong work by killing Devanshi’s parents, I know Kusum will make me repent for my sins, so I came here. Gopi says you should die for the crimes you did. Kusum asks what will we kill him, we should make him repent, he died for us 14 years before, the land got him back, maybe he should repent here. Vardaan comes and says I will make him repent.

Devanshi and Ishwar come and see Mohan. Devanshi thinks Mohan did all that with Kusum. Vardaan scolds Mohan. He says I will punish you. Ishwar asks Vardaan to leave Mohan. Kusum worries. Shikhar stops Vardaan from beating Mohan. He asks Vardaan why is he beating any helpless man. Vardaan says move back. Shikhar gets angry and says leave him, villagers have beaten him a lot, now you don’t need to beat him. Devanshi calms down Vardaan. Shikhar asks Vardaan why is he behaving like illiterate when he is literate, maybe Mata wants Mohan to do something good. Mohan runs to Vardaan and Devanshi. Vardaan gets angry. Ishwar sees the statue falling on them. Mohan makes them away. Statue falls down. The people praise Mohan and says we should give him a chance to repent, Kusum will decide now.

Kusum asks Vardaan will you punish Mohan, who saved your life, I have forgiven him. Vardaan asks who are you to forgive him, he has killed Devanshi’s parents, just Devanshi has right to forgive him. Ishwar asks Devanshi to say Mohan’s punishment. She recalls her parents’ death and says Mohan has snatched my parents, he made me helpless to cry for my parents’ death, but today he has saved my and Vardaan’s lives, I can’t punish him, I trust Maiyya more than me, I give him a chance to repent, I also permit him to stay in this village. Mohan thanks her. Kusum thinks what’s going on in Devanshi’s mind to forgive him so soon. Devanshi thinks I have forgiven Mohan, but I will find out what’s going on in Kusum’s mind.


Devanshi 23rd April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kusum laughs and says baraat and mandap is there, but groom and bride…. Devanshi sees Vardaan unconscious and gets shocked.

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