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Devanshi 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi crying and thinking of Vardaan. She stops the bulldozer and asks what happened, why did this stop. The man says I will check it. She gets down. Manager asks what will happen of house. She says poor people are requesting, I will break house later, I m not any murderer to kill anyone to fulfill my dreams, the house will break some day. She goes to room and cries thinking how she stopped the bulldozer. She says what did I wanted to become and what did I become, I would have never fought and have hatred, I changed a lot with time, all emotions died, I feel like stone became stone hearted, I have to take revenge from this family, I will fulfill my promise done with my baby, I showed Vardaan none loves him, they all are selfish, I will teach them a lesson, that they remember all their lives.

Nutan says Vardaan did big thing and does his aarti. He says stop it, you all broke my trust, just mum stood with me, she got dizzy. Kusum says its fine, they would have got scared, they don’t have relation like we have with this house. Gopi says no, Nutan pulled me. Mohan says I went aside to stop the bulldozer. Menka says I heard you stood aside. They argue.

Vardaan shouts enough, think how to tackle Kalki, she is stone hearted. Devanshi thinks you can’t bear wound given by me, think of me, I got many wounds, all the best Vardaan. She goes. Kusum says I feel so helpless for the first time. Menka says you lost in front of Devanshi too. Kusum says she was emotional fool, she had pity in heart, Kalki has no pity, such women are dangerous, they can go to any extent to fulfill their motive. Menka says it means you lost to Kalki. Kusum says I won’t lose to anyone. Menka asks will you get me married to Vardaan or not. Kusum says I know, why are you restless, everything is going wrong, you just care for your marriage. Menka says yes, if you don’t get me married to him, I will expose you. Kusum says come with me and tell him. Menka says I can stop your election ticket, just think what I tell you. She goes.

Devanshi apologizes to Ishwar for whatever she did. She is about to light diya. Vardaan asks what are you doing. He says this is my house, I like this room and want to make it my office. He asks her not to do this, its Ishwar’s room. She makes fun of him and laughs. She says I heard just Ishwar was the sensible person in this house, what to do, he went, so sad, its fate. He asks her to get up from Ishwar’s chair. She refuses. He holds her hand. She pushes him. She asks him not to think women are weak, and goes. Vardaan asks Ishwar to see what’s happening in this house, I miss you a lot. He lights diya.

Its night, Vardaan goes to Devanshi. She sits drinking. She asks him to have a drink, its imported. He calls her shameless to have wine being a woman. She asks will you decide my character, I can do anything, I heard you were a drunkard, then you are stopping me. He says I stopped drinking and recalls Devanshi.

He says Devanshi made it realize wine is bad. She says it means she was a nice person. He says you could not kill me as you have no courage. He asks her not to drink wine and throws it. He thinks she can never be Devanshi. He goes. She recalls Vardaan’s words. She thinks I did acting to have wine, there is a big reason, see what I do with you. She tears her clothes.

Inspector comes and says we got complaint you and Vardaan cheated and made Kalki have wine, then Vardaan tried to ruin her respect. They get shocked.


Devanshi 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Gopi apologizes to Devanshi. She asks are you mad, what are you doing. He asks her to take case back, save Kusum and Vardaan. She says Vardaan has to stay as my personal secretary.