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Devanshi 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Devanshi 22nd March 2017 video watch online on HD on

The Episode starts with Vardaan saying why did she hide her truth, I told myself that she is Sakshi, not Devanshi, but I was right, I stepped towards her as she was Devanshi, for whom I waited for 14 years, she has hidden truth from me. Devanshi comes to him. She cries and says I did mistake, situation was such that I had to hide truth, if I fell in trouble, who would manage Sakshi. He says I was there, I would have stopped everyone. I left house and stayed with you two, would I let anything happen to you two, why did you hide this.

Doctor asks where is Devanshi, I have to talk about Sakshi. Kusum says give us some time. Nutan holds Sakshi’s hand and scolds her for lying to them, Kusum trusted you two, why did you cheat. Sakshi gets angry. She says now we have won the game, its fine you know truth or not. Kusum’s brother says she should be punished in front of all villagers. Kusum stops him. Gopi says we have to do something, just command me. Kusum goes.

Devanshi says the way you were taking care of Sakshi, the way she was agreeing to you, I changed decision, I was scared you won’t take care of Sakshi after knowing about me. He asks do you not understand me, I can do anything for your happiness, how did you think I will not care for your sister, one who is dear to you is dear to me, because I….. Piya re….plays……… He takes her to the lake and says this is not lake, you forgot that happened 14 years ago, remember the day when we got separated, did you end all memories. He leaves in the jeep. She sits crying. She says I remember everything, that day, that moment, there was no day in 14 years when I did not cry thinking of that day.

Gopi and Nutan ask the servant to put more wood. Nutan says Kusum can’t show face to anyone now, I feel how will Kusum save her nose now. Kusum sees Vardaan’s room messed up. She asks did you also get to know Devanshi and Sakshi’s truth. She says I know you are hurt after getting cheated by Devanshi, your trust broke, I m sad seeing your state. He says I don’t need your sympathy. She says you are saying this to your mum, who gave you birth, you did not see my love ever, after knowing Devanshi’s truth, you are blaming me. He says don’t wash your sins by her mistake, my thinking about you will not change. She says I came to share your sorrow, you are behaving rude to me. He asks her to worry about herself, villagers will come to ask, how did you not catch Devanshi’s lie, think what to answer them and become great. She says it means, you will forgive that girl. He says never, its our personal matter, you think of yourself. She says you thought to do something right, I know to deal with my problems, you don’t need to worry.

Devanshi sees villagers running after Sakshi and thinks do they know the truth. Sakshi says don’t beat me and hides behind Devanshi. She says doctor uncle came and told truth to everyone. People scold Devanshi for lying. Devanshi says I lied to save my sister’s life, when you all decided not to punish her because of her illness, I have hidden this, now when the stain on my name got cleared, I told truth to Vardaan. The people argue and scold her. Devanshi says if I was a Chudail, why would Maiyya let me stay here. Sakshi says Kusum knows everything, why did Kusum not tell you. Devanshi asks Sakshi to be quiet, they are Kusum’s devotees, they won’t believe. They leave. The lady says why did Kusum not know their truth. The man says yes, we will ask Kusum.

Nutan asks servant to boil water, only then the clothes will leave holi color. The villagers come and ask Nutan and Gopi about Kusum not knowing the truth. Nutan says even Kusum is a human. Kusum comes with blindfold and says I m punishing myself. Nutan asks why. Kusum says Devanshi lied and I could not see, so I m punishing myself. The lady says you don’t punish yourself. Kusum reminds how she has sacrificed her hand many years ago, now I m punishing myself, I have no right to see any colors.

Devanshi and Sakshi come there. Nutan says they have come, Kusum decided her punishment, but Devanshi should also be punished. Villagers get angry on Devanshi. Sakshi says this fat woman is fooling everyone, she is acting. Devanshi asks Sakshi to stop it. Devanshi asks them to remember Shuddi divas, when she told them she is Devanshi, but none believed her. Kusum says she is saying right, she told her truth to me, I did not believe her, its my mistake, I will get punishment. Kusum sees boiling water behind. Devanshi says no, I have hidden this to clear the stains on my name, else none would have believed me, we will forget this now, we will stay with peace and sense.

Kusum asks who are you to end this matter, just Maiyya has this right, Maiyya does not forgive the person, I will repent by punishing myself. She moves back and says person will get punished, if Devanshi did mistake, Maiyya would have punished her, stop there. Devanshi says no, give punishment to me. Kusum says no, its my mistake. She moves back. Devanshi sees the hot water. Kusum moves aside. Devanshi’s hands fall in hot boiling water. Vardaan comes and removes her hands from water.


Devanshi 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Sakshi sees the skit and recalls the incident. She wakes up and says Devanshi, I remember everything. Vardaan looks on.

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