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Devanshi 22nd September 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 22nd September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi saying I have to get Kalki out of this mess, I have gone through this. Pavan says Kusum has to leave her. Devanshi says she will never leave Kalki, as she wants to get money. He says Kusum is her mum, we have to do something. She says Mohan is her father, he has equal right on Kalki, he can make Kalki away. He says fine, but what will Kalki go through knowing Kalki is his illegitimate child. She says we will not tell Kalki, we will blackmail Kusum that villagers will kick her out if her truth comes out, we just have this way.

Its morning, Kusum comes to temple. Nutan stops her and argues. Kusum asks why is she stopping her. Nutan says Devanshi is saying this, she doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s devotion, she said none will force Kalki. Lady asks Kalki to break the coconut. Kalki says I will get hurt. Gopi says no, don’t worry, I m here. He tells everyone that Kalki will break coconut. He shows the broken coconut to Kalki and asks everyone to see. Kalki breaks the coconut. They all look on.

Devanshi and Pavan are on the way and talk about Mohan, who is in mental asylum. She says this is the only way, none can help us except him. Pavan thinks don’t know what’s her plan. Kusum asks Maya to come and help her, Gopi and Nutan are not letting her meet Kalki. Maya says I can’t go. Kusum asks why. Maya thinks Maiyya’s aarti is going on. She asks Kusum to go and control her daughter. Kusum goes. Maya says I want to break this puja. She throws a coconut and gets angry. She says if this puja happens, Kukarmi Devi can’t come in this village. Kusum tries to explain Kalki that she has to stay in temple till Navratri ends. Gopi says how long can this little girl stay in temple. Nutan says we will take her. Kusum tells villagers that Gopi and Nutan are doing this on Devanshi’s saying. The villagers get angry and threaten to beat them. Kusum goes and makes Kalki wear the chunri. She makes her Mata.

Devanshi and Pavan meet Mohan in the asylum and show Kalki’s pic. Devanshi tells him that Kalki is his daughter, Kusum is using her. She asks him to take Kalki away with him and blackmail Kusum. Pavan tells the entire plan. Mohan agrees and asks for 5 crores. They get shocked. Devanshi says fine, I agree, but you will get money after work is done, then your shadow won’t fall on Kalki. Mohan thinks let me come out, I have to take revenge from Vardaan, who did this with me.

Vardaan asks lawyer to find some way, he can’t lose to Devanshi. Maya comes to them and provokes him. She thinks she will ignite fire by her words, if not power, he will not leave Devanshi. She says Pavan has money, Devanshi loves him, she left you by taking your money and property, she is very clever. He says I will not sit quiet now, I will kill her today. She says you will go jail this way, do some thing else. Devanshi tells Gopi that they have to get Kalki out, its imp. She tells her plan. She says Pavan will get Mohan.

Vardaan comes drunk. Gopi asks him why did he get drunk, he is never suitable for Devanshi, its good she left him. Vardaan pushes him angrily. Gopi scolds him. He calls Vardaan a burden on them. He goes. Vardaan gets angry and says Devanshi….. He throws the bottle and says you have snatched my people. He thinks Devanshi will get insulted tonight, I will give such a wound which she always remembers.


Devanshi 23rd September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vardaan hits Devanshi and takes her somewhere. Someone murders him.

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