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Devanshi 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update and Devanshi 23rd February 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Devanshi thinking of the past. FB shows Devanshi praying to Maiyya to save Ishwar. The temple begins to shake. Maiyya idol falls over Devanshi, with idol hand blessing Devanshi. The people beat up Omi. Devanshi runs out and sees Omi wounded. She asks him is he fine. She asks the people not to beat Omi. Nutan says I will say what happened, see this video, its not Kusum, its your mum Sarla, who crossed all her limits. Devanshi gets shocked seeing Sarla stabbing Geeta. Nutan says Sarla has killed Geeta and Ashutosh, Sarla did temple blast to kill us.

Kusum says Geeta did not tell you about me, she means Sarla is the killer, she was involved with Mohan. Vardaan and Devanshi get shocked. Kusum says Sarla did this with Ishwar, she has sent him to mental asylum, it was not me, Devanshi your mum is killer of your parents, Sarla planted that locket to frame me. She says Vardaan, I m worried for Ishwar, once we get him, we will know truth, I wish he is fine. People drag Sarla there. Servant says when we caught Sarla, she said Kusum is the culprit. Nutan slaps Sarla and asks her not to blame Kusum.

Devanshi asks Sarla why did you kill my parents, tell me, I loved you a lot, you made me an orphan, you killed Sarju, Geeta, my parents and your brother Ashutosh, you made Ishwar disappear, why, for money? Why did you do this, you proved my trust wrong, you cheated me. Sarla faints.

Vardaan asks Sarla to get up and say where is Ishwar. Gopi says don’t worry for Ishwar, we will find him. Gopi scolds Omi. Omi asks Devanshi to go away and not come back to this village ever. Omi drops dead. Devanshi shouts and cries. FB ends.

Kusum thinks how she made Devanshi away forever. FB shows Kusum showing Maiyya idol falling. Servants keep idol right. Nutan says Devanshi came here. Kusum says it means there is something bad left here, Maiyya wants to sign that Devanshi is the evil. Nutan asks what do you mean. Kusum says I feel like I already knew this will happen, Sarla has made Devanshi blame me so that everyone believe her, but how can this happen, Devanshi is a little girl. Nutan says you are right, she is very clever. Vardaan asks Devanshi to wake up. He asks Sakshi to say something, why did you stand as statue.

Nutan comes there and tells everyone about the big abshagun, Mata’s idol fell in temple, just Devanshi went inside temple after puja. Everyone apologize to Kusum for doubting on her. Servant says Devanshi is not Devi’s ansh, she will be punished. Rajjo cries. Vardaan worries. FB ends. Kusum thinks there was some story left.

FB shows Nutan saying Devanshi will be punished. The people ask Kusum to end evil today itself, Devanshi does not deserve to be alive. Vardaan stops them. Kusum says stop it, she is little girl. Gopi says let us get rid of her. The people get angry and say we will kill her. Vardaan says no one can touch Devanshi, stop them. Kusum says listen, we can’t kill this girl, we will immerse this girl with Maiyya idol. Vardaan says stop them. Kusum says I m helpless, I did what I can, I have to think about people first. Gopi says its decided now as per Kusum’s command, we will tie Devanshi to Ghungroo wali Maiyya idol. They take Devanshi and tie her up. FB ends. Kusum thinks everyone hates Devanshi.

Devanshi thinks I felt weak, but I remember everything. FB shows Kusum and everyone taking Devanshi tied to the Maiyya idol. Vardaan and Sakshi look on shocked. Vardaan says Sakshi, come with me. Rajjo and Malik look on. Rajjo cries. The servants immerse the idol in waters, along with Devanshi. Kusum chants Maiyya’s name. FB ends. Devanshi says I still think of that day, I have to step ahead for Sakshi’s sake.


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