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Devanshi 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with inspector arresting Kusum and Vardaan. Devanshi says Kusum gave me a soft drink first, I m sure she added something in it, then Vardaan has….. Vardaan says she is lying. They all get shocked. Vardaan says she was drinking wine and was asking me to have wine, I can’t think she can fall so low. Inspector warns him to stop. Devanshi asks inspector to see, he is coming to beat me in front of you. Kusum asks what nonsense, stop this acting, I was in Menka’s room, ask Menka. Menka says yes, she was with me. Gopi says I know Vardaan, he can never do this.

Mohan says this girl is troubling us a lot. Devanshi says no, they all are one family, I m an outsider, they all are lying to save Kusum and Vardaan. Inspector says sorry, we have to take action as per victim’s complain.

Vardaan asks do you have any proof. Inspector says its about woman’s modesty, you have to come with us. Vardaan asks them what did they think of him. Devanshi thinks I felt the same when you said your child is of Shikhar without any proof, I want to make you realize the same pain, because of which I lost my child, I will make Vardaan feel the pain every day. Inspector asks Vardaan to come along. Kusum refuses to go jail. She says we will get defamed in village. Vardaan says there is no use to argue with them, we will go there and talk to some lawyer. Kusum says stop this, I will never go, I have to do good of village, what about elections. He says don’t worry, I promise you will contest and win the elections. They go with police.

Devanshi cries and tells Ishwar that she had no way than to blame Vardaan for this cheap thing, hatred made me like them. She says I would have sent Kusum to jail before, what to do, I always supported truth, you used to lie and come out, see I have take lie’s support and got you arrested. Gopi says let us meet Kusum and Vardaan. Inspector says you can’t meet them at night. Mohan says Kalki changed and it means she was doing drama. Inspector asks do you have proof, go from here. Mohan says Kusum is Maiyya’s avatar. Inspector says stop it, I have seen her power, she had to get court order to save temple, get out. Mohan thinks Kusum won’t get ticket.

Vardaan asks Kusum to have his share of food too. She asks what will you have then. He says I m not hungry, have it. She says fine and eats food. She says I heard they beat prisoners at night. He asks her not to worry, none can touch her till he is with her. Constable beats Kusum. Kusum imagines this. She says elections are imp for me, I will kick out Kalki out of Jwalapuri. He says don’t worry, you will win the elections, its my promise, I will do anything to make you win. She thinks I did not think Vardaan will become a real Vardaan/blessing for me one day.

People come to temple and pay money to Devanshi to let them go inside. Devanshi says I can stop you. Lady asks what happened now, you made rules. Devanshi says I can break all rules. The people say its wrong. Devanshi says you are going to wash Maiyya with milk to please it, are you kidding me. Lady says we all believe in Maiyya, you have no right to point finger on our devotion. Devanshi says you are wasting milk here than feeding the poor, feeding the kids is good deed, think once, will Maiyya not be happy if you feed the needy kids, you can see if you still want to go inside and waste the milk. Lady says this girl was saying right, I think she is not so bad. They give the milk to kids. Menka thinks what does Kalki want to do, I should inform Kusum.

Menka asks Kusum to think what to do, Kalki is winning villagers. Kusum says she wants me to lose in elections and get ticket. Vardaan says just you can help us now, talk to your uncle once, tell him its imp for Kusum to get ticket. Menka says uncle will do as party says. He holds her hand and says talk to him once for me, I promised mum, please. Menka thinks this is the chance when I can force Vardaan to marry me. Menka says I spoke to uncle but, he has kept a condition for this.

Nutan collides with Gopi and sees the jewelry. Gopi says I wanted to give this for Kusum and Vardaan’s bail. She says I will not give my jewelry to anyone. He says its wrong and tries to snatch. She takes the jewelry. He gets a call and asks what, bail can’t happen, why, if Kalki takes complaint back, they will get free right. He goes to Devanshi and holds her feet. She asks are you mad, leave my feet. He says take police case back, save Kusum and Vardaan. She says I won’t do this. He says you did wrong, you have stained Vardaan’s character. She says Vardaan should learn to speak to women and girls, then I can think. He says yes, I will tell him. She says there is a condition to free him from jail.


Devanshi 24th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Devanshi says you are my servant and driver from today. Vardaan tells Menka that he is ready to marry her. Devanshi says this marriage can’t happen.

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