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Devanshi 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Vardaan asking servants could they not move the water pot away. Devanshi says I knew you can get annoyed with me, you will come to help me. Vardaan says I would have done this for anyone in your place. He goes.

Sakshi asks Devanshi to show hand and cares. She says I will beat Nutan and Gopi. Devanshi says don’t tell this again, else they will get annoyed with you. Sakshi cares for her hand. Vardaan comes and sees them. He knocks the door. He gives cream to Sakshi. He asks Devanshi to apply it on hand, she will get fine soon. He asks her to be true to herself and goes. Sakshi says Vardaan is so good, he got ointment for you. Devanshi thinks I know you can also feel the pain of my wounds, you care for me, so you got this for me.

Its morning, Vardaan sees the locket and recalls Devanshi. Golu tells Nutan about Natak mandli. He asks shall I go there. Nutan refuses. Sakshi says I have to go and see it. She asks Devanshi to come along. Devanshi asks Sakshi to ask Vardaan also. Sakshi asks Vardaan will he come with them to see the play. Vardaan says childhood’s habits should be ended and goes. Sakshi asks will he stay annoyed with you.

Kusum gets ready for the play. Kusum’s brother says Devanshi will come, are you ready. She says just get that girl on the stage, when I throw the sword, she should get hit, my aim is sharp, I will kill her, everyone will feel its an accident, none should know me. He smiles and assures her. He wears the mask.

Servant tells about Mahishasur’s act. Kusum comes there and performs. She sees Devanshi and Sakshi. The play goes on. Sakshi sees the play. She sees sword and recalls the past incident in flashes. Kusum is about to throw the sword at Devanshi. The man moves. Devanshi pushes Sakshi and gets hurt on her hand. She screams. Sakshi faints. Devanshi checks Sakshi and asks what happened to you. Kusum’s brother takes Kusum away.

Vardaan sits at the lake side. He thinks I m feeling so bad, I always think of you, why, what happened to me, I m so angry on your lie. He hears a man. He asks what happened. The man says my wife is working in fields since 2 months, she did not tell me. The lady says my Maayka needs money, I did not wish to burden him. The man says she had hidden this matter, its not wrong. Vardaan recalls Devanshi’s words.

He says the lady did this being helpless, not to cheat you, think well, many times, anger does our loss. The couple goes. Vardaan thinks Devanshi lied for Sakshi, not to cheat me, I m so stupid. He gets a call and gets shocked.

Doctor checks Sakshi and says she got deep shock. He asks Devanshi to get aid done to her hand. Devanshi says my pain is nothing in front of my sister’s pain, I will not move till she gets up. He asks her to call him if there is any trouble. He goes. Devanshi recalls promise to Omi. Vardaan comes. She prays to Maiyya to make Sakshi fine. She says I promised Omi that I will take care of Sakshi always, make her fine. Vardaan thinks Sakshi is so lucky to get such sister, I have no one in my life who worries for me. Devanshi prays and cries. Sakshi wakes up. Devanshi hugs her and says I was so scared, are you fine.

Sakshi recalls childhood moments. She holds Devanshi and says Devanshi….. we have grown up, I remember everything, this house is of Kusum Sundari, you used to stay here in childhood, I used to stay in servant’s room I remember everything, Sarla, Omi, Ashutosh, and that maha ashtami day. Vardaan and Devanshi get shocked.

Sakshi says I don’t remember what happened, do you remember, where are everyone. Devanshi says I will tell you everything, I was waiting for this day since 14 years. She hugs Sakshi. They cry. Devanshi thanks Maiyya.

Devanshi rushes to tell Kusum, Nutan, Golu. She says my sister got fine. She sees Vardaan. He says everyone went for aarti. She says you know, Sakshi got fine. He stops her from saying. Piya….plays……… He says you won’t say anything today, you will just listen, you got high in my eyes, you have become my inspiration today, there is no such sister, daughter and friend in Jwalapuri, I won’t get someone like you, I don’t believe in Maiyya, but I m saying it, you are really Maiyya’s ansh, its said when a guy sits on knees and bows down in front of a girl, it means that girl is his world. He gets down on his knees. Devanshi looks at him. He says I m going to tell what was in my heart till now, I love you Devanshi. They see each other.

Devanshi 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:
Devanshi says your destruction time has come, it will be a start of good over evil’s win. Kusum gets shocked.

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