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Devanshi 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Update of Devanshi 23rd May 2017 on

The Episode starts with Menka saying wife has to bear whatever husband does. Devanshi says no, who said this to you, one who bears wrong is also wrong, you will be staying here, you can see how far I can go to support truth. She goes. Kusum looks on. Nutan says I will see till when Devanshi takes Menka’s side, if anything happens to you, I will make this house Kurukshektra. Devanshi comes to do aid. Menka says Vardaan did the aid. Devanshi says its fine, sleep in guest room, I will talk to Golu tomorrow. Menka says no, let me go, I will sleep in my husband’s room, he would have slept by now. Menka goes. Devanshi thinks when did Vardaan do the aid to her.

Vardaan changes. Devanshi comes and turns, saying sorry. He jokes and asks her why is she shy, he is her husband. She says nothing, Menka… He puts tape on her mouth and says now its right, you have focus on everyone, except us. He removes the tape. She asks what’s this way, does anyone put tape on someone’s mouth. He says you are my wife, I can do anything. She says you came to cheap men’s thinking. He says you always give me such compliments. They both argue. Piya re…..plays……

He holds her and says sorry, I m very happy now, its my wife here. She says I should say sorry, I want to stay as your wife, but…. He says enough, no but, there is no place for all this between us. He holds her. Menka stares at them. He sees Menka and says Menka….. Devanshi turns and sees no one. She asks where is Menka. He says she was at door just now. She says there is no one here. He says I have really seen her. He goes out to see. He says she was here, we should go to their room and see, is she fine. She says it will be wrong to disturb them. They hear Golu shouting. Golu raises hand on Menka. Vardaan stops him. Menka cries. Kusum says see he has beaten my girl.

Devanshi asks Golu how dare you raise hand on Menka. Golu asks when did I beat her. Vardaan beats him. Nutan says Golu can’t bear her, this girl is a ghost, she did some black magic. Devanshi stops her. Golu says I really don’t remember, I was sleeping here. Menka requests Devanshi not to tell anything to Golu.

Kusum says its about house’s respect, we should take a decision in Sabha. Nutan agrees and says I will see what Devanshi decides, how Devanshi frames Golu and punish him. Devanshi says we will solve this matter at home. Kusum says this matter has become big, now we will call Sabha. Nutan says you like to become Mata, I want you to take decision as Mata. Devanshi agrees.

They all come in sabha. Golu defends himself and does not apologize. Nutan says why will he apologize. Gopi scolds Golu and Nutan. Ishwar asks Golu to apologize to his wife. Golu says never. Vardaan asks will you apologize on own or shall I help. Golu says you worry for my wife a lot, you have interest in Menka. Vardaan shouts Golu and holds his neck. Kusum smiles. Vardaan asks Golu to mind his tongue. Ishwar asks Vardaan to leave Golu. Nutan gets angry. Kusum says its happening because of Devanshi, Menka’s life got ruined, Devanshi decided for their marriage. Inspector comes.

He says we got domestic violence complaint about Gaurav, I came to arrest him. They all get shocked. Nutan says Gaurav means my Golu, Devanshi if my son goes to jail, Menka has to pay a heavy price, I m not afraid of anyone. Kusum asks inspector to see how Nutan is threatening. Nutan says I m not just threatening, I will do this when time comes, my son’s life also got spoiled, all this because of Devanshi Mata. Vardaan stops police from arresting Golu. He says let him go, he is my younger brother, he was drunk and did this, I promise he won’t do this. Gopi says he is right. Inspector agrees and asks Golu to apologize to his wife. Golu apologizes to Menka. Police goes.

Nutan blames Devanshi for all this, she made her inlaws a hell. Devanshi gets sad. Nutan chants Devanshi Mata’s name. Kusum says its easy to decide as Mata, its tough to reform Golu as Bhabhi, my girl’s life is ruined by Devanshi, she does not deserve to be called Mata. Devanshi asks Vardaan if she took any wrong decision. He asks her not to worry. She says I don’t know the reason of all this. He says we will find solution, don’t take stress. He goes. She gets a call from Ishwar. Ishwar says your doubt is right, Kusum’s dead body is not here.


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