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Devanshi 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with the people saying we can’t forget what Devanshi did with us, and we can’t forget the sacrifice you gave. Kusum looks on. FB shows Kusum saying I m also responsible for not knowing Devanshi’s truth, you all did good to blame me, I have to repent for my mistake. She says I will sacrifice my hand today and repent for my sin. She takes a sword and cuts her hand. Everyone get shocked. She faints. FB ends. Kusum thinks I had to cut my hand to prove myself right, its all because of Devanshi.

Kusum’s brother says none can pay for Kusum’s sacrifice, but we want to give her this small gift. They get a gold hand for Kusum. He fixes the artificial hand to Kusum. Devanshi sees Sakshi’s name tattoo on her hand. She thinks we have written each other’s name on each other’s wrist, we can’t think to live without each other, I was afraid that we had to come back here, you got me here, why did you wish to come back here. She sees little Devanshi. Little Devanshi says you promised Omi to take care of Sakshi, she is in this village, you can’t move back, go there, Sakshi needs you Devanshi. Little Devanshi disappears.

Kusum takes the arrow to hit Devanshi. Sakshi comes there and stops them. She says does anyone shoot by mouth, are you mad. Kusum and everyone look on. Kusum asks her to move, mahurat is passing by. Sakshi says no, I will stand here, what will you do, Moti. Nutan asks who are you, we have not seen you. Gopi says she is not from this village, catch her and find out who is she. Kusum’s brother says throw the girl out. Sakshi says no, don’t catch me. Devanshi is on the way. Sakshi has Devanshi’s ghungroo beads in neck and Devanshi written on her hand. The temple guards catch her. Sakshi says leave me. Devanshi comes there. She asks some men what happened in temple, what are you saying. The men see her and say you don’t look from this village.

Devanshi says I came to visit temple. The man says one girl came and stopped the death anniversary ceremony. Devanshi says is that Sakshi and whose death anniversary is celebrated. Kusum’s brother says we can’t wait more, mahurat is passing, shoot the arrow, the girl will move on her own. Sakshi asks them to leave her. Kusum’s brother ignites fire to the arrow. The guards ask Sakshi to die if she wants, and go. Sakshi turns and sees Devanshi’s statue. She stands in front and says no… Devanshi reaches Sakshi and gets shocked seeing Kusum. She runs and pushes Sakshi. Kusum shoots the arrow. Devanshi stands before her statue. Sakshi looks on.

Vardaan covering his face, rides a horse and comes there. He pulls Devanshi and gets her on his horse. The arrow misses to hit even the statue. Gopi asks who is he, catch him. Kusum’s brother says he should not be saved. Nutan says its big abshagun. Devanshi says leave me, are you mad, my sister is alone there, who are you. The men look for Devanshi. He drops Devanshi and the cloth gets off his face. Devanshi sees him.

He sees the men coming in the van. He covers his face. Devanshi pushes him. He stops her and says I m saving your life. She says I m worried for my sister, not myself, leave me. He takes her. Sakshi says leave me, let me go. Gopi asks who are you, from where did you come, what’s your name, answer me, who was that guy, why did you come here. Sakshi says I m getting ache in hand, leave me. Nutan calls her mad. Kusum leaves. Devanshi comes running. Kusum’s brother asks her name and raises hand. Devanshi comes and says stop, leave my sister.

She asks how can you behave with a girl like this, she is a child mentally. Nutan says what shall we do. Sakshi says they were beating me. Nutan asks who are you two, from where did you come. Devanshi thinks of Nutan. She says we came from other village, I went to get water for her and she has run away, let us go. Gopi shouts stop. He says this girl has created hurdle in our ceremony, she will be punished. Devanshi says she does not know what happened, I moved her before arrow was shot, punish that guy who stopped this, whose death day is celebrated. Kusum’s brother stops Nutan from saying. He says why do you care, did you see that guy’s face. Devanshi says yes, I will tell you, find him, he is tall and fair. He says it means you can identify him. She says yes. He says till we catch him and make you identify him, you and your sister can’t go from here. Devanshi thinks who was that guy, he has put us in trouble.

Sakshi says those people were burning you, so I came in between. Devanshi says why will they burn me. Sakshi says you don’t believe me, come and see. She shows her statue. Devanshi gets shocked.

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