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Devanshi 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Vardaan saying I love you Devanshi. She looks at him. He holds her. He says after 14 years passed, I did not lose hope, I knew you will come back one day, and see you have come back. He holds her hands and says this is not just the victory of my belief, its victory of my love too. She takes her hands back and says Sakshi is alone in room. She goes. He calls her out. Nutan heard them and gets shocked.

Kusum says she always get saved. Nutan comes there and hugs Kusum. She says Sakshi got fine. Kusum says its good, now both the sisters will leave from village. Nutan says no, this won’t happen, I was afraid of this thing, Vardaan confessed love to Devanshi. Kusum gets shocked. Nutan says be ready to make Devanshi your bahu. Kusum says don’t say this again Nutan, I will never let this happen.

Devanshi goes to Sakshi. Sakshi hugs her and asks her not to go away. She says I don’t want to lose anyone. Devanshi says I can’t think of going away. She thinks of Vardaan’s words. Vardaan comes with a cake. He asks did you identify me. Sakshi nods and says Vardaan. She hugs him. She says how can I forget you, you took care of me while I was ill, don’t stay annoyed with Devanshi, she lied because of me. He says even if I knew you are Sakshi, I would have taken care for you same way, you are very special for me. He thinks you are special for Devanshi, so you are special for me. He says come, I got a cake for you, you got fine, we will celebrate.

Sakshi asks Devanshi to come, we will cut cake together. She says its your 14 years patience that I got fine, how can I celebrate without you, come. They cut the cake. Vardaan smiles and sees Devanshi. Devanshi leaves. She goes to the lake. She says I can’t think of all this. Vardaan comes there. Piya….plays………

He calls her out and comes to her. He does aid to her wound. He says I came to hear your answer, just answer in yes or no, no need to say much. She asks how did you fall in love with me suddenly, you did not know I m Devanshi. He says love happens with person, not with name, if you say you are Sakshi, not Devanshi, my feelings won’t say, you know it well, I love Sakshi. Sakshi comes there and hears this. She smiles and runs away. He says I will not trouble you by asking often, think well, I will give you time, I will wait till my last breath. He kisses on her cheek. Piya re….plays….. She looks at him. He leaves.

Sakshi dances in room and says he said he loves me, I could not think he will love me so much. Kusum comes there and hears Sakshi saying Vardaan, my heart beats for you, I love you. Kusum thinks it means both sisters love Vardaan, now I know what to do. She smiles and goes.

Devanshi prays. She thinks of Vardaan. She says I don’t know what to decide, when I left this village and went with Sakshi, I promised Omi that I will always be with Sakshi, I can’t hide from you, I love Vardaan a lot, if I marry Vardaan, then I can’t meet my eyes, it will be like I gave importance to my happiness than Sakshi’s happiness, I can’t break my promise to Omi, I will never confess love to Vardaan. She cries. Wind blows. Her parents’ pic catches fire by diya. She picks it and puts off fire. She asks do you want me to confess feelings to Vardaan, are you not happy with my decision.

Sakshi says I should tell my feelings to Vardaan soon, but how, what shall I do. Kusum comes to her and shows locket. Sakshi says Vardaan…. Kusum laughs and says no, its me, not Vardaan, keep this chain, all this will be yours soon, Vardaan likes you a lot, I also like this pairing, sorry I did not like Devanshi, you always valued and respected elders, Vardaan also likes your qualities, when he got to know you got fine, he happily cried. Sakshi smiles. Kusum says I accept you as my bahu, last decision will be of your elder sister Devanshi. Sakshi hugs her. Kusum thinks now Sakshi will do my work.

Devanshi comes to Vardaan and thinks I have decided, you don’t need to wait all life, I came to confess love, we will fill happiness in Sakshi’s life. She calls him out and walks to him. Sakshi comes running and hugs Vardaan. Kusum looks on. Sakshi says I love you Vardaan. Vardaan and Devanshi get shocked.

Vardaan reads its wedding invitation and says I m marrying Devanshi after 15 days. Devanshi gets shocked. Devanshi warns Kusum and says your destruction will begin Kusum Sundari.

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