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Devanshi 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update , Written Update of Devanshi 24th May 2017 on

The Episode starts with Vardaan gifted Devanshi the saree of his choice. She likes it. Ishwar looks on and smiles. Vardaan asks her to wear the saree during her mu dikhai. She reminds its Menka’s mu dikhai today. Gopi comes and says your mu dikhai rasam will also happen, we know how you guys got married, just Ishwar supported you, everyone was against you, you did not get respect, I also did mistake, forgive me. Devanshi asks him to just bless her. Gopi blesses her. She says the one who hated me has accepted me, I feel like I m really this house’s bahu, maybe Vardaan says right, I can get love by become bahu, not Mata.

Nutan goes to Kusum and says I know you called police. Kusum lies. Nutan says I m sure you are behind this. She goes and asks Menka to leave work, her Bua will do the work. She goes. Kusum gets angry and thinks I will settle scores with Nutan for this insult. Nutan reads newspapers. Menka gets the water bowl and asks Nutan to keep her feet in it. Kusum heats the water. Nutan puts her feet and screams by the hot water. Menka holds her feet angrily. Nutan asks did you get mad. Devanshi comes and asks what happened.

Nutan says she has burnt my feet in hot water, can’t you see. Kusum cools the water. Devanshi checks the water. She says its cold water, why are you lying. Nutan checks water and gets shocked. She says no, it was hot water. Devanshi asks her to see. Nutan says his girl is a ghost. Devanshi asks her to control her tongue, don’t say anything to hurt Menka. Kusum thinks this was just trailer, picture is left. Devanshi goes.

Devanshi asks Menka why is she refusing to get jewelry. Menka says mum said women should not look beautiful, they catch bad sight. Devanshi says its our right to get ready well, I will make you ready in evening. Devanshi and Menka come downstairs with ghunghat on face. Mohan asks Kusum what is she going to do. Kusum says game will change till rasam ends, my tapasya will succeed. He asks her what magic is she talking about.

Gopi says we will start rasam with Devanshi. Kusum says these are some jewelry items, take it as shagun. Nutan says you should have said it before, go and rest. Kusum asks how will rasam start without saas. Ishwar says where did Nutan go. Nutan gets shocked seeing broken red bangles. She comes and scolds Kusum for this joke. Nutan says she has given me broken glass saying its jewelry. Kusum denies it. Nutan opens the box. She gets shocked seeing jewelry.

Nutan says she has done this magic. Devanshi asks why are you doing this. Nutan says its ghost family and goes. The ladies ask how can mu dikhai happen without saas now. Devanshi says Menka’s rasam should happen by Nutan. Vardaan says I will call her. The lady asks how will Devanshi’s mu dikhai happen without Kusum.

Kusum says I will do rasam. She blesses Devanshi. Devanshi thanks her for love, but I m raised between the village women, they all are like my mum, I want one of them to start this rasam. Kusum says its also right and goes. Ladies start the rasam. Kusum goes to see Devanshi’s face. She gifts her necklace and makes her wear it. She thinks this will make your mind and body strength weak.


Devanshi 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vardaan lifts Menka. Vardaan gets mesmerized by Menka. Devanshi gets shocked.

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