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Devanshi 25th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 25th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Devanshi 25th February 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Kusum’s brother asking them to stay back and identify that guy, as he has always created hurdle in this ceremony every year. Devanshi says let us go, please. He says no, you have seen his face, till we get him, you can’t go, if you try to run away, then be ready for the consequences. Devanshi thinks of the guy and thinks who was he. Vardaan sees the chain and says I always failed, but today I felt a strange power is helping me, don’t know how did I succeed this time, whatever happened 14 years before, it was very bad. He recalls Kusum ordering to immerse Devanshi. He asks Sakshi to come with him. Vardaan and Sakshi run away. He asks Sakshi to sit here till he goes and saves Devanshi. He jumps in the river and gets Devanshi from the waters. He asks Devanshi to open eyes.

Devanshi gets conscious and says Vardaan, how did we come here. He says I have no time to say, Sakshi is alone at that side of the river, you leave from here.

Devanshi asks where will I go. He says I don’t know, but this sin place is not good to stay, even your dad wanted you to go, you have nothing left here. She says but you are here. She cries. He says I m helpless, I can’t stop you here, I will always be around you in your memories. They cry. He gives her a pendant with his and Devanshi’s pic. He says this locket which you got near Maiyya idol, see I have put your and mine pic. He asks her to keep the locket with her, and he will keep the chain with him. He says this will make us feel each other’s presence, go away Devanshi. He says I will be fine thinking you are fine somewhere else.

He asks her to go. She asks him to take care. They cry. He moves the log away and sends her. She waves him and goes. He comes out of the river. FB ends. He says I could not stop them and stop you Devanshi, I had to send you, its 14 years today and they all still hate you, I did not wish to stay here, but the hope of your return does not let me go, today my hopes got high. He says I m sure, Devanshi will come to this river shore finding me, where we parted 14 years ago, we will meet here, you will come finding me.

Devanshi thinks of Vardaan and sees his pic in locket. She thinks my breath is because of you, Sakshi and I got saved because of you. FB shows Devanshi reaching Sakshi and hugging her, asking her to come with her. She says I promised Omi to take you with me. Vardaan sees them leaving in the log boat and cries. Devanshi says I will miss you. He says me too. He waves her. FB ends.

Sakshi talks in sleep and wakes up. Devanshi asks what happened. Sakshi says Jwalapuri people were burning you, so I came in between. She asks why will they burn me. Sakshi says you don’t believe me, come and see this. She shows the statue to Devanshi. Devanshi gets shocked. Sakshi says they were burning you, they are bad. She hugs Devanshi. Devanshi thinks why are they burning my statue, why do they hate me.

Devanshi goes and recalls the childhood. She says what did I do that the people who loved me started hating me. She turns and sees Sakshi gone. She goes to temple and thinks I can’t call out Sakshi openly. She prays to Maiyya to save Sakshi, my name is written on Sakshi’s hand, people will think she is Devanshi, help me, if Sakshi falls in trouble then, once I get her, I will go away from Jwalapuri. The temple bells ring. Devanshi leaves.

Sakshi comes to Sarla and Omi’s house. Devanshi looks for her. Devanshi also comes there and sees the house. She recalls the childhood and thinks after 14 years, life got us back. Sakshi says our house…. Devanshi thinks Sakshi’s mind is getting some light seeing this house, for her sake, I have to stay in this village.


Devanshi 25th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Devanshi sees Vardaan and says he is same guy, whom the village is finding. She uses chloroform on him.

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