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Devanshi 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Update of Devanshi 25th May 2017 on

The Episode starts with Vardaan saying Nutan has come. He recalls how he and Gopi have convinced Nutan. Gopi sings for her. Vardaan says if Nutan does not come, Devanshi is Mata, she will do rituals. Nutan says I m the head after Kusum, I will come there. Fb ends. Nutan does the rituals. Kusum signs Menka. Nutan does Menka’s mu dikhai. Everyone gets shocked seeing Menka’s beauty. Devanshi thinks how is Menka looking so different. Golu smiles and thinks I was rejecting her.

Menka greets Vardaan and stares at him. Gopi says your place is in my heart, not feet and hugs Menka. Everyone get shocked. Devanshi looks at everyone. She makes Menka away. Kusum smiles. Devanshi says mu dikhai rasam ended, you all go. Vardaan, Gopi and Golu smile seeing Menka. Mohan asks Kusum what magic did you do, tell me, everyone got affected by her beauty. Kusum says real game will begin now, I will use her beauty to break everyone, you stay away from her. She thinks my new game will begin tonight.

Vardaan asks Devanshi why is she worried, why did she stop mu dikhai. They hear Golu shouting. Vardaan says I will not leave him today. Golu asks Menka to beat him. They all come there. Golu says I rejected a beautiful girl. He slaps himself and falls in Devanshi’s feet to apologize. Vardaan says its good he got senses. Golu asks Nutan not to tell anything to Menka from now, don’t think to torture her. Devanshi thinks what’s happening, something is wrong.

Its morning, Vardaan wakes up and sees Devanshi gone. He calls her out and says she has no time for me, I will take my share of time. He looks for her. Kusum smiles. He thinks its Devanshi and lifts Menka in arms. Devanshi comes there and gets shocked. She calls him out. He gets shocked seeing her. He removes the cloth from Menka’s face and sees her. Menka pushes him.

Kusum says what did you do with my innocent girl, is there any shame or not in this house. Vardaan says no, its not like you are thinking.

She says its Rasleela going on, what would she tell her husband. Golu comes and asks what’s happening here. Kusum says I reached on time, else Vardaan would have played holi with your wife’s respect. Vardaan says no Golu, I thought she is Devanshi, Menka forgive me. Golu pushes him and says I m not a kid, stay away from my wife, if you try to touch her, I will see you. He takes Menka.

Kusum says I did not feel his intentions are good. Devanshi says I know my Vardaan, he can’t do cheap thing. Mohan asks her to take care of Vardaan, she can lose husband while serving society, if woman does not give time to husband, he goes somewhere else. She says I don’t need your advice and goes. Kusum asks Devanshi to solve this problem and laughs.

Devanshi comes to Vardaan. He asks do you also think I intentionally did this. Devanshi says belief is the foundation of any relation, I totally believe you, how did you not know she was Menka. Vardaan says she has worn your saree, her face was covered with face, I thought its you. She says Menka liked my saree, so I gave her. He says I did not know this. She says I know you can’t do wrong. He asks why were you silent, you could have said Vardaan can’t do this, what will you do now, call sabha and punish me, you are not my Devanshi, you are just Mata Devanshi. He says I thought to spend time with you, you are always with villagers, I promised you, you will leave throne when Kusum’s truth come out, what happened, you really think you are Lord, what happened of your promise, prove you have no greed of throne and power. She says fine, I will prove, I will tell everyone that just Maiyya is here, I m just Devanshi, I will leave the throne forever. Kusum hears them.

Ishwar asks what are you saying, don’t take decision in hurry. Devanshi says I have taken this decision by thinking well. He says let me come back, I will find out soon if Kusum is dead or playing some game. She says I can’t break my promise, Vardaan is my everything, I have nothing to live than my relation, I can’t see my relation dying, I want to become a wife and give happiness to my husband. Ishwar says fine, I agree, I want to see you and Vardaan happy, we should keep a katha before sabha tomorrow. She says fine, we will start sabha with katha. She ends call. She thinks now its time to manage this house as Vardaan’s wife.

Devanshi 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kusum makes Menka mesmerize Vardaan. Devanshi gets shocked. Vardaan holds Menka’s hand. Devanshi announces she is leaving the house.

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