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Devanshi 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Pavan and Devanshi provoking Menka against Kusum. Menka gets upset seeing her bridal dress and accessories ruined. Devanshi says Kusum wants Vardaan to marry me. Menka says she has torn my designer lahenga. Pavan says new lahenga can come, but you keep fasts till your marriage happens, I kept many fasts then I got a good wife like Kalki. Devanshi says yes, tell me you want to keep fasts or not, if you agree, I will ask Nutan not to cook food for you. Menka says fine, can I have food once a day. Pavan says no, you can’t even touch food. Devanshi says you can do this for Vardaan. Menka agrees and goes. Pavan says I will go on my mission now, all the best. Devanshi wishes him and leaves.

Nutan comes to Kusum and argues. She says you decided right to sell your jewelry, all problems will end, I will try to sell this to jeweler, else I will buy this. She takes Kusum’s jewelry. Menka feels hungry and says Nutan locked fridge as well, is there no food. She checks the bowls. Devanshi comes with jalebis plate. Menka feels hungry seeing jalebis. She says nothing. Devanshi asks her will she have it. Menka says no. Devanshi says you have it, nothing happens by all this devotion things, Devanshi was big devotee, and died, you have to taste this jalebis. Menka eats jalebis. Devanshi smiles.

Kusum thinks what happened to my voice, I can’t speak. She gets Pavan to her room and writes. He reads the message. She asks him to help her. He agrees. Menka asks for water. Devanshi asks her to drink water. Pavan gives special herbal water to Kusum and says you will get fine drinking this, remember you have to drink this in one gulp, if anyone else drinks this, your voice will go forever, I m helping you as my wife praises you. She thinks once I drink this, I will get my voice back and stop Menka and Vardaan’s marriage. He says I doubt on Menka, she does not want your voice to come back, drink the water. He goes.

Menka comes to get water and snatches the bottle. Kusum slaps her. Menka gets angry and raises hand on Kusum. Vardaan comes and stops her. He scolds Menka. Menka says there is no drinking water, I m thirsty, she refused to give me water, she slapped me and I got angry. Vardaan gets angry and bottle falls off her hand. He says my mum can’t do this, I m sorry. Kusum worries seeing water on ground. He gives her medicines and says your voice will get fine by this, now I have to think if Menka is suitable to become this house’s bahu or not. Pavan signs Devanshi.

Devanshi goes and takes Menka’s side. Vardaan says Kusum never troubled Devanshi. Devanshi thinks he has fallen much low, he is denying everything, I can’t believe he is same Vardaan. She asks did I hear wrong things, I m sure Devanshi was a bad girl, she might have misbehaved with Kusum, good happened with her. Vardaan gets angry and says she was not like, she never insulted anyone. He recalls Ishwar’s words. Menka apologizes to Kusum. Vardaan asks her to change till there is time, else she will regret a lot.

A fly troubles Devanshi. Pavan catches it in hand. Devanshi says it will die. He says let it die, how dare it troubles you, I can’t bear anyone else touching you. She asks what. He says I can’t bear anyone hurting you. She says relax, its fly’s nature. He behaves crazy and crushes the fly/bee. Devanshi gets shocked. He asks happy now, anyways your planning is glad, what can be Vardaan’s punishment that he marries Menka. She says I will not let them marry, I laid the trap for Menka. He says you are slipping, why don’t you say you have place for Vardaan in heart. She denies it. He asks why are you saving him. She says I have to show him truth, his guilt will be his punishment, be ready for next plan. She goes. He thinks why do I feel she is lying to me, Vardaan’s love is alive in her heart, I will not let her go back to Vardaan, even if I have to go against her.


Devanshi 27th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vardaan says marriage will happen. Kusum thinks what to do to bring Kalki and Vardaan close. She plans to make Kalki fall, so that Vardaan supports her.