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Devanshi 26th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 26th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum making everyone against Devanshi. Gopi defends Devanshi and asks everyone not to believe Kusum. He says I m regretting on Vardaan’s doing, if he was not this house’s son, I would have not left him. Maya tells Maiyya that Devanshi has turned into a widow, she will not step in the temple, none can keep the fasts, now Devanshi can’t save you, Kukarmi Devi will come back in Jwalapuri.

Its morning, Kusum argues with Gopi. Gopi says many people don’t like our family. Pavan says police will doubt on Kalki, we have to do something. The lady stops Devanshi from doing aarti, and says you are a widow now, you can’t do aarti puja, villagers will not be quiet. Devanshi says I m not scared of people, I will do Maiyya’s aarti. Devanshi goes to do aarti.

People oppose her. Pavan asks them to come to senses, did they go mad. The people say we will do this with one who doesn’t obey our rules, be it Devanshi or anyone else, we will not tolerate anyone insulting our customs. Devanshi asks them what customs is he talking about, such traditions which punishes the innocent. Pavan says Devanshi won’t go anywhere. The man threatens to burn himself.

Devanshi leaves with Pavan and tells him that she will not get scared of Maya, she is taking a step back to take a jump. Gopi asks Kusum how can she blame Devanshi for Vardaan’s death. Kusum tells sarpanch that Devanshi and Pavan have got Mohan freed from mental asylum. She shows the receipt and frames Devanshi.

Kusum asks Devanshi why did she free Mohan. Devanshi is about to say and stops. She thinks what was I doing. Kusum thinks Devanshi can’t say anything now. The sarpanch says we will give this proof to police, now police will handle this matter. Kusum asks him to call the police. Pavan says nothing can prove Devanshi is behind all this. Kusum says Devanshi is planning this to make my daughter away. Sarpanch says Devanshi is behind this, she did wrong to separate a daughter from her mum, Devanshi and Kalki will not meet now.

Devanshi says my Kalki will stay with me, Kusum will ruin her life. Kusum argues with her and takes Kalki with her. Devanshi worries. Kalki asks Mohan to let her talk to Devanshi, she is missing her a lot. He agrees. She thanks and hugs him. Devanshi asks the people to let her go inside the temple. Kusum stops her and asks who are you to decide this, Kalki will decide this. She asks Kalki to say what’s her decision. Kalki stops Devanshi from going in temple.

Maya asks the people to obey Kalki Mata. The people chant her name. Devanshi thinks Kalki is helpless to say this. She says I don’t believe this command, move, none can stop me from going in temple. Maya stops Devanshi and calls a servant. She takes a sword to stab her. Devanshi closes eyes. Pavan holds the sword. His hand bleeds. Devanshi looks on. He stops everyone and says if you all are stopping Devanshi as she is a widow, then wait. He fills her sindoor with his blood. They all get shocked. He says I married her, now she is my wife, she can do puja now, if anyone stops her, none will be worse than me.

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