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Devanshi 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with goons troubling Devanshi. Mohan tells his plan to Kusum. She flirts with him. She thanks him and says we will know is that girl Devanshi or Kalki. The man scolds her for hurting Vardaan. She thinks Vardaan did this. Vardaan thinks of Devanshi and thinks why is he thinking so much about her, why is he getting pulled towards her.

Gopi sees Mohan in Kalki’s room and asks him what is be finding. Mohan says I m finding Kalki’s passport. Gopi says I know he came to know Kalki’s truth. I won’t let him do this alone, I know she has hidden passport in bank, I will find it. Mohan thinks if Gopi finds passport, he will take credit. He goes to check. Gopi lock him. Mohan calls him out. Devanshi runs. The goons run after her. Vardaan comes there and asks them to leave Devanshi.

He beats up goons. Mohan and Gopi try to find allergy. The goons leave. Vardaan saves Devanshi. She says what a plan, you have sent goons and acting now, next time hire good goons. He says I can’t fall so low, girls try to impress me, I don’t impress them. She thinks if Vardaan is saying true.

Menka says passport is with me, promise me you will get me married to Vardaan. Kusum promises and checks passport to know address. Its morning, Vardaan says temple things are missing. Devanshi asks him to go and find it. They argue. He asks how can you stop the people from aarti. Devanshi says they just gave entry fees. He asks how can you keep fees for everything. She says its my temple, everything will be as I want. She scolds Vardaan and says I doubt Vardaan did that attack, if he not involved, well and good, if anything happens with me again, you all will be responsible, tell this to Kusum also. Vardaan stops Nutan from saying bad about Kusum, she went out for imp work. Mohan asks are you reaching. She says yes car broke down, why will she buy house here, its a small place, I will make Vardaan kick her out if she is really Devanshi.

Devanshi makes a painting and says my revenge will get fulfilled when this painting completes. Gopi comes and praises painting. He tells everything. She asks him to stop it, why did people not trust Devanshi. He says none trusted her. She asks him to use his mind. He says I wanted to stop everyone from killing her, but they did not listen to me. Devanshi asks him to leave. She thinks just sorrow will be there in your life. Kusum checks the address and sees the toilets. She tells Mohan that Kalki is Devanshi, its not her real address. Devanshi thinks I have sent you there, you looted people many years ago.

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