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Devanshi 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Devanshi 27th March 2017 video watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Devanshi saying I will do this, I m ready to turn into ashes to save Vardaan from his curse, I will do this to stop a mum from doing Shraddh of her son. Kusum smiles. Its night, Kusum asks Devanshi to go and sit on the woods. She says my blessings are with you. Devanshi sees the woods. Vardaan comes there and stops her. Kusum gets shocked seeing him. He says I heard of Chudails in books and stories, today I have seen a Chudail by seeing you, I knew you will not sit quiet hearing about my marriage, you will do something cheap. He gets angry on Kusum.

He asks Devanshi how did she agree to do this madness, when she is educated. Devanshi says I did not tell anything to Vardaan. Vardaan says I heard you talking on terrace and came here. Kusum says you will not let this girl get free of curse, everything will ruin. Devanshi says no, it will happen as you say. Kusum says you think Vardaan will let you do this. He says never. Devanshi says you came here, but you can’t stop me from giving this sacrifice. Vardaan says whatever you do, I won’t let you do this. He gets dizzy and falls down.

Kusum worries. Devanshi says don’t worry, I have seen him hearing us, I knew he will do something, so I added sleeping pills in milk, till he gets up, my Agnipariksha will complete. Kusum says fine, go.

Devanshi goes to Maiyya and prays. She sees Vardaan and cries. She sits on the wood. Kusum lights the fire. She sees Devanshi and laughs. She says I never thought Devanshi will come in my words so soon, I will tell you a truth, I have killed your real parents, your step parents, can you hear me, I have made Ishwar unwell, I killed everyone, have done all this, and put blame on Sarla, I regret you won’t be alive to hear all this, sorry, you got dreams of red bangles, it were my bangles, you are gone now, I will get peaceful sleep today. She goes. Devanshi opens her eyes and gets up. She thinks so real murderer is Kusum, now your sin pot is full.

FB shows Devanshi thinking why did Kusum say Geeta was stabbed, Sarla gave injection to Geeta. She meets constable. He says the knife has someone else’s fingerprints, not Sarla’s, don’t tell anyone I have told this to you. Devanshi applies chemical on her body and thinks if Sarla was not responsible, then doubt goes on Kusum, she has hidden all reports, I have to jump in fire to know truth, this chemical will save me. FB ends.

She applies red color to her forehead. She takes a knife in hand. She holds Vardaan. She apologizes and says what I m going to do, maybe we can’t meet again, I can’t sit quiet, Kusum made me orphan twice, I will not leave her. She leaves from there.

Kusum tells everyone that Devanshi gave her life by entering fire, she wanted to get rid of the curse and gave big sacrifice. They all get shocked. Kusum says now Devanshi is no more, you should be proud of her, she gave this sacrifice for everyone who loved her, so that the curse did not affect her loved ones. Nutan asks really, did she enter fire on her own. Kusum says yes, she has shown courage and proved she was Maiyya’s ansh, I m sure she will take birth as Maiyya’s ansh, no one should cry for her, we should pray for her, so that the pure soul gets born in Jwalapuri. She thinks Devanshi should be happy that I m proving her Devi’s avatar after her death.

Devanshi pours water on her head. She recalls Kusum’s crimes. She says Kusum made everyone fools, she has hidden her crimes, but I believed her, its enough now, your sins will end now, I m coming to free this village from your sins.


Devanshi 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Devanshi covers her face and enters temple. She sees Kusum and goes to her. She sees the knife in her hand.

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