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Devanshi 27th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 27th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi asking the men to stop fighting for water. The people do not listen and fight to get some water. Devanshi scolds them and asks them to stop it, will they kill each other for water, half people will go jail and half will go hospital, none will get water this way. He says you should help each other in such time. The man complains about others. They all argue. Gopi gets water for Devanshi. Devanshi refuses and goes. Gopi scolds the people. Kusum looks on and smiles thinking its first time the villagers did not listen to Devanshi, just I can save them from this problem.

Vardaan stops Devanshi and asks what are you doing. She says everyone was fighting. He says if you fall ill, they will know you are not any Mata. She says poor villagers…. He says till you pity them, I have no interest in your talk. She says sorry. He asks her to promise she won’t think of anything, she will be just if her husband. Piya re…..plays…. she sits in the jeep and agrees. He asks her to smile. She smiles. They leave.

Kusum asks everyone did they all see, Devanshi did not drink water, I m thinking will Mata find any solution or not, will this drought end or not. He signs Mohan. Mohan says maybe Devanshi is keeping 12 day fasts to call rain. The lady says why not, she will keep fasts for us. Everyone come to Devanshi and Vardaan. They all ask Devanshi to keep the fasts to call rain. They chant her name. Devanshi asks who told you all this. The lady says we understood your sign, you told katha and did not drink water. Vardaan says Devanshi won’t keep any fasts, if rains happened by fasts, there would have been no droughts, enough of nonsense. Kusum says this is difference between world and Jwalapuri, we have Devanshi. Lady asks Vardaan not to stop Mata. Devanshi says Vardaan is not stopping me, its my decision, rains won’t occur if I keep fasts. She goes with Vardaan. The lady runs after Devanshi to talk.

Vardaan says they all got mad. Lady asks Devanshi to help them, save Jwalapuri, do some miracle. Devanshi says I told you all I m not any Mata, I don’t have any powers to do miracle, I did miracles before by Shikhar’s help because I wanted to bring Kusum’s truth to end your blind faith, just Maiyya is the Mata.

Kusum says but we need some pure soul to make our message reach Maiyya, you are Maiyya’s ansh and Mata for us, you got your dead husband back to life. Mohan says Bua is right, why did you fall in hundi, anyone else could have fallen, you gave new life to Vardaan, you did miracle, you have powers to call rain, pity villagers. Vardaan asks him to stand calm, did anyone ask him. Lady asks Devanshi to help them. Gopi says pray to Maiyya once if they all are saying. Devanshi says forgive me, I can’t give false hope to you, I can just pray to Maiyya, nothing else. She goes.

Vardaan goes to her and says you did good, now they will understand you are an ordinary person like you. She asks what to do of villagers, how to explain I have no powers. He says we have to do something big to break their blind belief, I decided something, we will go away from village tomorrow. She asks what about villagers’ problems. He asks what can we do, if you lose, they will lose and understand you are helpless like them, you promised me, now pray to your Maiyya, if your Maiyya has to solve everything, why does she give problem.

Nutan asks everyone to go home, Devanshi is taking rest. Kusum says I can’t see their upset faces, I will get Devanshi, I m sure she will come to save us.

Kusum goes to Devanshi’s room and looks for her. Devanshi prays and says I don’t want to keep any fast, I did this acting to become Mata to bring Kusum’s truth out, I want freedom of this lie for Vardaan, help me. Lady gets her ill son and asks her to save her son. Devanshi cries. Her tear falls on the boy. The boy gets fine. Everyone gets shocked.

The man says just you can save us from this problem. They all chant her name. Vardaan looks on. Devanshi says fine, I m ready to keep 12 day Ankhand nirjala fasts. Everyone smile. Vardaan gets angry. Devanshi sees Vardaan.

Devanshi 28th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vardaan asks Devanshi not to do this, nothing will happen by fasts. Kusum asks him not to stop Devanshi, she is your wife later and villagers’ Mata first. Vardaan asks Devanshi to come. Villagers stop him.

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