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Devanshi 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Menka stopping Vardaan. He says I will come in some time. She says I want some money. He asks her to take from cupboard. She goes. Devanshi says you are marrying her so that your mum gets ticket, she is marrying you for money, it looks a deal than marriage, bad luck. He says no, she loves me. She laughs. He says everyone does not run after money like you. She asks really, it will be proved, wait and watch. Menka comes and says there is no money. Vardaan says oh, let me think where I kept. Menka argues with him. She sees Kalki and goes. Devanshi says I changed the money place, see how Menka changed her color, she is hungry for money.

Vardaan says what’s wrong if she is careful, she is not hungry for money. He goes. She thinks to show him Menka and everyone’s truth to him. Kusum stops a man and asks about the public toilets. The man says there was an old house, it was taken by govt and toilets were made. She tells Mohan that it means its Kalki. She takes photos of the place and falls in the junk. She gets up fast. Menka gets to know booking got cancelled and gets angry. She thinks how will I get booking so soon now, I convinced Vardaan for lunch by difficulty. She asks servant to get juice. The servant says I m taking this for Kalki, she is going in big party, this is the invitation. She sees the invite and says its same restaurant. She asks him to go. She thinks it means Kalki has booked the restaurant, so my booking got cancelled, see what I do now.

Devanshi is on the way and calls Vardaan. She asks where did you go, I had to call servant for work. Vardaan says I can go by my wish. She finds her car brakes failed. Vardaan hears her and worries. She says car speed is high, you did this right. He says don’t say nonsense, focus on the road, tell me where are you. She shouts for help. She sees some car coming her way. She manages to drive. Vardaan comes on the same road and sees her. He asks Devanshi to give her hand, there is no way, lock the steering by head rest. She does so. He asks her to come to him, give her hand. She says I m very scared. He asks her to hurry. She gets on the car and jumps on is jeep. He holds her. Her car hits somewhere. Vardaan applies the brakes and they fall down.

Piya re…..plays…. Devanshi argues with him. Her stole flies on his face. She walks ahead and thinks don’t know Vardaan this or someone else, but someone wants to hurt me, I m not innocent Devanshi to tolerate this silently, I m Kalki, who will not bend to any challenge, I will fulfill my revenge, none can stop me. She goes. He thinks what’s happening, why do I feel so strange with her.

Nutan asks Menka did Vardaan refuse to go with her, too bad. Vardaan comes and asks what happened. Menka sees Kalki and thinks how did she get saved. Devanshi asks Menka to send food by Vardaan. Menka and Vardaan refuse. Devanshi angrily makes Menka clean the floor. She asks Menka to clean the hall alone. Menka asks how will I do alone. Devanshi says you have to do this if you have to save your lover. Nutan laughs. Devanshi says she will help you. Nutan says no, I m unwell. Menka says I will send oil for massage. Devanshi says you have to work to stay here, I can cancel this idea if Vardaan gets food for me. Menka says yes, Vardaan please take food for her, its small thing. He agrees and asks her to get food plate, I will be in Kusum’s room. Menka says she did not come till now.

Kusum finds gold coins in the junk and gets shocked. She hugs the coins and talks to Mohan. Mohan says Menka’s uncle said he will not arrange ticket for you, what shall we do now. She says you are handsome young man, I feel bad seeing you. He asks did you get shock hearing this. She says I love you a lot, I got mad, I got much gold here. He says you got gold there. She says yes, a lot, I can manage elections, I will come and explain. She laughs that Kalki’s ancestors kept this gold and she does not even know.

Vardaan takes food for Devanshi and sees her. She asks why are you hiding and seeing me. He says I m not interested. She asks him to knock and say, what food did he get for her. She asks him to serve the food. Her bracelet gets stuck in his watch. Piya re…..plays…. She frees her bracelet and asks him to wait. She gives him a tip and says you and Menka are getting married, this will help. She thinks my revenge will be fulfilled at any cost.


Devanshi 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kusum says I want to buy the land. Devanshi says I want to sell it. Mohan says I want the land and can do anything. She thinks to make Mohan and Kusum against each other.