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Devanshi 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Maya saying I will get cheque on your name. Kusum gets glad. Pavan and Maya leave. Vardaan threatens Devanshi that he will take back everything from her which belongs to him. He goes. Devanshi comes to Kusum and says I know I have defused that bomb, I just don’t remember, I won’t let you succeed in your dreams, I know you have done all this, you tried to do bomb blast. Kusum says yes, I did this, I m going to burn everything, none can save you. Devanshi says we will see.

Pavan asks Maya does she know Kusum, why did she give prize money to Kusum. Maya asks will you question my decision, Devanshi said she didn’t defuse bomb. Pavan says Devanshi told truth that she fainted, don’t know why is Vardaan lying and supporting Kusum, he was there with me. She says you have changed. He says sorry, I m not annoyed with you. She says Devanshi should have told me truth. He says please, don’t blame her, she will never change I know her well. He goes. She thinks I came to change something else, not Devanshi, I have to settle scores with Maiyya.

Kusum says all this happened because of you Vardaan, I couldn’t play this game, I got 50 lakhs. Vardaan says you won’t get anything, I did this to fail Devanshi, I will use this money to ruin her, our relation is just of helplessness, you won’t get this money. He goes. She gets angry and says I won’t let you rule over me, I will not hesitate to kill you for money. Pavan asks Devanshi why did you not hide truth. Devanshi says half truth is equal to lie, I don’t know why Vardaan joined Kusum to take revenge, Kusum killed his parents, how can he insult his dad’s ethics, don’t say this to Maya. He says she is my sister, she won’t feel bad.

She says maybe she didn’t like that you took my side. He says no, she is a very nice person. Maya goes to some room. Pavan praises Maya. Maya gets the book. Wind blows. Devanshi says I feel like something bad is going to happen. Gopi says Kalki fainted in her room. Devanshi and Pavan go to see her. Gopi says she has high fever. Devanshi checks Kalki and asks Pavan to get thermometer. Pavan goes and gets it. Devanshi asks Kalki to open eyes. Pavan checks and says she has high fever, its tough to get doctor at this time. Devanshi asks him to get doctor any how. Gopi asks them to be here and goees to call doctor.

Maya goes to temple and tells Maiyya that she will open the book and read it, it will be a big bad sign, I want this to happen now, your powers will end, and even that Kalki’s powers, tell me is there any way to get saved from my evil powers. She opens the book and challenges Maiyya. She says I will ruin your biggest devotee Devanshi and then you, I will use Kusum for this, are you ready to face me, I will get peace by ending your belief.

Devanshi asks Kalki to have apple, Gopi is getting doctor, he will make you fine. Kalki says I don’t want to eat. Pavan signs Devanshi. He asks Kalki to listen to Devanshi and eat. Kalki refuses. Pavan tells her a story and feeds her. Devanshi smiles. Kalki rests in Devanshi’s lap and sleeps. Devanshi says fever is not getting down, I hope Gopi gets doctor fast. Gopi gets doctor. Doctor checks Kalki.

Maya comes to Kusum and says you are thinking about this doctor right. Kusum thinks how did she know my heart. Maya says you would be thinking how I know what’s in your heart. Kusum says you are like Lord. Maya says don’t compare me with Lord, I m Maya. Kusum gets shocked and thinks she is a mind reader. Devanshi worries for Kalki. Gopi says go to temple and light diya, Maiyya will listen to you. Devanshi says I don’t want to do this, you can go and pray. Pavan says maybe Kalki gets fine by this, can’t you do this. Maya asks Pavan not to force Devanshi for this, its her wish, its all superstition, even I don’t believe this. She thinks it will be good if Devanshi stays away from Maiyya.


Devanshi 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Pavan says I feel its Maiyya’s sign, some secret has to end. Maya tells Kalki that she can’t make her lose. Kalki says you have devil with you, I have Lord with me. She smiles.

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