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Devanshi 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum and Mohan jogging and exercising. They argue. Kusum asks Mohan to impress Kalki and buy the land by her money. Devanshi comes there jogging. Kusum follows her and stops her. Devanshi praises Mohan’s physique. Mohan works out. Devanshi says he looks 10 years younger to you, I m done for today, you workout today. She goes. The trainer asks them to do stretching. Mohan says I look younger than you. Kusum asks him not to say nonsense and runs after him. Devanshi looks on and thinks I just planted a seed to separate you two, I know my arrow will hit target, I will separate you two.

Kusum and Mohan come home. They see Devanshi. Kusum says I wish she likes pasta. Mohan says her mood is good, she is giving money to everyone. Kusum asks her to have pasta. Devanshi tastes it and says not bad, you are learning. Kusum says I want to talk something, you will break this house, I was thinking to buy small land and make old age home to serve people. Devanshi says I thought you are going to stay in old age home, I can help. Kusum asks about the land she wants to buy, I got to know its your land. Devanshi asks why did you go there, did you go to find out if I m Kalki or not.

Kusum says no, we are sure you are Kalki. Devanshi says my land is useless, you can buy it, I m selling it for 10rs, but not to you, someone else, I don’t like your face, your partner is so perfect, tall, dark, handsome. Mohan smiles. Devanshi says such a well maintained guy, I like such men, what do you say Mohan, did I say write. He says yes. Kusum looks at him. Mohan says I mean… Devanshi says I know what you mean, you can’t say anything in front of her. Mohan says yes. Kusum says sell the land to me, I will give you double rate. Devanshi says I don’t want your money I can think on one condition, if you make cowdung patty in some time. Kusum agrees and says I want that land at any price.

Vardaan thinks of Kalki. Menka comes and hugs him. She asks why are you worried, shall I massage your head. He gets away and says Menka please stay in your limits. He goes. Kusum makes the cow dung patty. Mohan says she can’t do this and goes to Devanshi. He says you know Kusum will lose, so you kept this challenge, tell me you are selling land or not. Devanshi says I won’t sell it to Kusum, I can sell it to normal person like you or Gopi. He says fine, sell the land to me, I will pay you. She asks how will you get money. He says don’t worry, just sell it to me. She says fine, but you are with Kusum, I don’t like her, I feel you do all work and she takes credit, you have personality, good looks and strength. He smiles. She says I m ready to sell the land to you, you have to prove your loyalty to me. He agrees. She fools him. He gives him two bottles.

He asks shall I fill water in it. She says no, Kusum’s blood. He gets shocked. She says yes, you heard it right, don’t waste time, else I will sell land to someone else, go, I knew you can’t do this. Mohan says I m ready, I will get Kusum’s blood. She asks him to go then. He goes. She wishes him all the best. He says girl is drama queen, she is asking Kusum’s blood. He collides with Kusum. They argue.

She asks him to help her. He says she agreed to sell land to me, leave all this. She asks what will you do of these bottles. He asks her to come with him. She scolds him. Devanshi sees them and thinks I have seen them, I have to see their servants now. Devanshi fixes cameras. Mohan says its CCTV camera. She says correct. He asks what’s the need to fix this. She says its needed.

She says I have kept 10 crores in my cupboard, I have to give it to someone, so its for safety, if you doubt I will give you land or not, we will prove our loyalty to each other. He gets shocked seeing money. She asks him to see money, take the keys, touch money when you pass in test, just we know this, if anyone tries to steal this, he will be caught. Mohan takes the keys and thinks to get Kusum’s blood, this girl is very clever. He goes. She thinks now Mohan can’t cheat me.


Devanshi 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Devanshi keeps apple on Menka’s head and shoots. Vardaan asks if anything happened to her then. Devanshi aims at him and shoots.

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