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Devanshi 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Menka threatening Vardaan to marry her, else she will ruin everyone’s life. She says I have tolerated all taunts to see this day, I will not leave Vardaan. Kusum scolds her for trapping Vardaan. Nutan says she has trapped my Golu the same way. Kusum says there is no proof that Devanshi is dead. Menka says Devanshi was a characterless woman, she could not become Vardaan’s wife and this house’s bahu, you call me selfish, fine I m not characterless like Devanshi, she is dead, she will not come back. Ward boy gets the report. Devanshi smiles and says someone got report from hospital. Menka thinks Devanshi’s death certificate came, once they read it, they will know she is dead. Devanshi checks reports. Menka asks her to read it. Devanshi says fine, if you say, I will read it, its your abortion reports, Menka has aborted her baby. They all get shocked.

Menka says its nonsense. She scolds the ward boy for cheating her and getting fake report of her abortion when she asked him to…. Ward boy lies. Devanshi says no use to do this drama now Menka, your truth has come out, read this, I forgot you are illiterate, don’t worry. She asks Vardaan to read the reports. Vardaan checks reports. Kusum asks Menka whose sin was it, she would have any affair. Menka says no. Nutan and Kusum scold Menka.

Menka says Kalki did this, she is eyeing Vardaan, I will kill you. She takes a burning wood stick from havan. Devanshi pushes her and asks will you kill me like you killed Devanshi, I m not helpless and I m not Devanshi, I m Kalki, I will become your Kaal. Menka asks Vardaan to believe her, she did not do any abortion. Vardaan recalls Devanshi.

Devanshi says you were not so helpless at Devanshi’s time, do you really love Menka, you could not love Devanshi. He shouts enough, I don’t love Menka, I will not let anything happen to Menka till I m standing here, whatever happened with Devanshi was wrong, that mistake won’t be repeated in this village, she cheated me, she broke my trust, but I never wanted her to die, I ran to save her knowing villagers are killing her. Devanshi gets shocked. Vardaan goes. Kusum says I will throw Menka out of this village. Menka says I won’t go. Nutan and Kusum take her. Devanshi thinks I have killed evil by evil. I have got my enemy punished, Menka tried to snatch my husband, I will now see Kusum and Mohan.

Vardaan cries and says you know the truth dad. Devanshi sees Ishwar’s truth and recalls how she came back as Kalki. Vardaan says I loved Devanshi a lot, I still regret she is not here. Devanshi says I taught a lesson to Menka by choosing wrong way, its Kusum’s turn now. Gopi comes to Vardaan and says Ii m sure you still love Devanshi, she has gone but her love is with you. Vardaan reminds she cheated him, he just hates her. Devanshi says Vardaan hates me, but he did not wish to let me die, he accepted this, my motive is clear, I have to expose Kusum’s real face in front of Vardaan. Pavan meets the ward boy and asks why did you call me here. Devanshi comes and says I sent the message, why did you ask the man to get reports late. He says I wanted Vardaan to marry Menka, its true I cheated you, you did not wish this marriage to happen, this would be biggest punishment for Vardaan. She says please don’t change my plan if you can’t support me. He holds her angrily and asks what would I do, I wanted you to make you see truth, Vardaan never loved you, today he left Menka as he got a rich woman, he is a cheap man. She says its nothing like that, will you tell me about Vardaan, I know him very well. He gets angry and thinks I will not let you go away from me. He burns a cloth. She looks at him.


Devanshi 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pavan says Vardaan and Kusum are trapping you. Devanshi says its not true. He asks her to prove it. Devanshi says I want to marry Vardaan. Kusum gets shocked. Mohan sees Ishwar’s pic in Kalki’s cupboard.

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