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Devanshi 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Gopi saying Mohan will get punished today, everyone will see justice, Kusum will do the justice. They chant Kusum’s name. Ishwar thinks where is Devanshi, I wish she is fine. Devanshi hides seeing the servants and thinks how to go by hiding, Maiyya help me. Gopi says the devil has come, he cheated Kusum and everyone. The villagers say he is a sinner. The officer asks Kusum to control the villagers. Kusum asks them to calm down, this maha sabha is kept to punish Mohan. She sees him and recalls his threatening words.

Mohan sits down and says I have done the crimes, I m accepting my crime today, I have done all this, don’t leave me, punish me, I stayed in a house like temple and broke their trust, but I have to say one thing, whatever I did, I will say why I did that.

Kusum says no, you are not permitted to say anything, your punishment will be declared. Gopi says listen to him, even enemy is given last chance to speak. Devanshi thinks I will not go without finding proof.

Mohan says I did all crimes and should get punished, you all have to understand who is the real person responsible behind all this. Kusum worries. Ishwar thinks Mohan will take Kusum’s name in front of everyone, this had to happen some day. Vardaan tells Geeta that Mohan is going to say that woman’s name.

Devanshi prays to Maiyya for help, how to know who is that woman with Mohan. She sees Maiyya’s pic down and goes to pic. She gets a phone there and thinks how did this come here. She switches the phone on and sees a video. She gets shocked seeing Mohan talking to a lady. She thinks whose phone is this, who made this video, its same woman who met Mohan at night, I was finding this proof to reach that woman, thanks to Maiyya I got this proof.

Mohan says the one on whose saying I did all this bad things is….. Devanshi drops the phone seeing video. Mohan signs to Geeta. Everyone get shocked. Mohan says now you all will ask why I killed Sarju, Geeta has illegitimate relation with me. Kusum gets shocked. Everyone start talking. Mohan says Geeta had big dreams, she wanted to take Kusum’s place, she wanted to rule in Jwalapuri. They all get shocked.

Kusum thinks I m not so selfish to leave Mohan in such time, he has supported me so much, thanks Mohan for putting all crimes on Geeta, I was worried thinking he can take my name, but Mohan kept my word, now I have to free Mohan, there is no proof that can bring my truth out. Geeta says lie…. and cries. She says I can never think of this in dream, I can never do such crime, Bhabhimaa tell everyone Mohan is lying.

Mohan says you are lying, Geeta made me mad, its enough now, I will not support her now, Geeta does not love me, she loves Kusum’s chair. Geeta says I will make Mohan say truth. She gets angry. Kusum stops Geeta. Geeta asks do you trust Mohan, do you think he is saying right about me. Vardaan says this can’t happen, he is lying. Geeta is not wrong.

Geeta cries and says Mohan is lying, someone trust me, I did not do anything. Kusum says my heart is saying its lie, my mind is saying why will Mohan lie when he is getting death punishment, he is accepting all his crimes and is ready to bear punishment, why will he take your name then, there will be some truth behind this. Devanshi comes and says I have found truth. She runs to them and says I found out who was that woman with Mohan yesterday night, who wanted to kill Ishwar, her video is in this phone, she is with Mohan. Kusum worries. She thinks its my old phone, how did she get this phone, what’s in that video. Ishwar thinks this phone had that video which I recorded, Kusum lost that phone, how did Devanshi find out after so many years. Devanshi says truth will come out by this video.

Devanshi 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:
The officer plays the video on laptop. Everyone see the video and get shocked.

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