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Devanshi 2nd July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 2nd July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum beating up Mohan and waking him up. She asks how dare you cut my hair. She shuts the door and says you did not get shame to do this. Mohan says calm down, listen to me. She says you got greed, you want the land alone. He says stop, what nonsense, someone has made you against me. Mohan shows the land papers on her name and says I did all this for you, sit down, leave all this, try to understand. He tells her that hair will come back, think if we lost the land, please forgive me, think of that land from which we will get gold, we will see Kalki later, I promise I will make her bald and put her hair in your feet, forgive me once please. She thinks to agree to him, but don’t know to trust him or not.

Gopi thinks this happened with Sarla, Kusum has done this. Nutan wears helmet and says Kalki can do this with me also, Kalki has snatched her hair, its result of her bad deeds. Gopi says you said right, Kusum did wrong with Devanshi’s family, same things is happening with her, Ishwar used to say right, person pays for his deeds, if Kalki is not Devanshi, its Maiyya’s miracle to send Kalki here to make Kusum pay. Nutan says don’t worry for their fate, how will money come, think of your fate, you did not earn anything till now, I got a foolish husband.

Vardaan gets the place cleaned. Devanshi comes and taunts him. He says I m educated, let me do my work. She says I can call someone else to clean this well, but villagers won’t get money. The men ask her not to punish them. She says fine, I have a condition, Vardaan has to apologize to me. They ask Vardaan to apologize. Vardaan says sorry. She asks what did you say, say again. He says sorry. She says bit louder. He gets angry and says sorry. She says its okay, I will forgive you, but be in your limits, get back to work. She recalls Vardaan’s words.

Gopi says I will reply Nutan for her insult. He sings. Nutan asks him to stop it. She throws helmet on him. He says Kalki is bitter in talk, but she said right, she explained me that I can become big singer. She says she is showing dreams to a fool, she will ruin us. Devanshi talks on call. Vardaan comes to her. He asks why did you call me. She asks him to have water. He says you started caring for me. She says what rubbish, I thought to do a favor. He says I don’t need your water and favor. She asks where do you keep so much ego, stop this well cleaning drama, and do some work. He says I m doing this since 2 days. She asks are you just passing time. He angrily holds her and asks her not to insult his intentions, he is doing this for villagers. She says I want to know, why do you find a way to touch me, will you move your hand or shall I push you, ill mannered. He says I don’t even want to see your face. She says you just command on women, I m sure you do this with your wife Devanshi as well. He shouts Kalki and raises hand. She sees Menka coming and stumbles. He holds her. Piya re….plays….Menka looks on.

Devanshi asks Vardaan to see all preparations for tomorrow’s function, get lost. He goes. Menka says you find reasons to be with Vardaan. Devanshi asks what, just see the difference between us, you think I will have interest in him. Menka scolds her. Devanshi asks her to control Vardaan. Menka asks her what does she mean. Devanshi says the man who could not be of his wife, what will he be of you, think of it, he can leave you for any other girl, I have seen much world and know men well. She thinks none can have a solution for doubt, I m done with you Menka, now I have to welcome Kusum on the land for which she sacrificed her hair.

Kusum sees the land and says no woman would have got such a price for hair, this land and gold is of Rani Mata Kusum Sundari. She gets shocked seeing the water filled on the land surface. She asks the men what’s happening, leave from here, why are you digging the land, it had gold. The man says this land was already dug, we were emptying the water. She scolds him and asks all of them to leave. She looks for gold. She says just Mohan and I knew this, it means….Mohan did this, I will not leave him.


Devanshi 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Devanshi says I m going to marry, these men came to participate in Swayamvar, winner will be my husband, he will be owner of 50% of my property. Kusum thinks to get Vardaan married to her.