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Devanshi 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Devanshi doing the aarti. Kusum gets shocked. Shikhar gets Vardaan there. Kusum sees Mohan. Devanshi recalls Ishwar asking her to do aarti. She says I can’t do what villagers want, I can’t play with their belief like Kusum, I have to take care of Vardaan, I don’t want to become Mata. Ishwar says its true that you are Devi’s ansh, so you got Vardaan back from death. He sees few glasses and says you are seeing these glasses, I will explain you, think this is Vardaan and these are villagers. He throws one glass to her. She catches it. He breaks all other glasses. He says did you see your focus was on one glass, if all glasses were together, you could have saved all glasses, if you stay here in this village, you can save Vardaan and everyone, they all need you, we can get Kusum punished, we should make Kusum realize she did many sins, you have to sit on her throne and end the blind faith, you have to do this duty. She says I have another duty, to take care of my husband Vardaan, what about it.

He asks who stopped you from doing your duty, but you have to fulfill all duties given by maiyya, when you fell in hundi, Sadhu baba told me you fell in Kusum’s kundli, you came as Kusum’s kaal, you can’t move back from Karam and Dharm, you have to stay in Jwalapuri to end Kusum. FB ends. Everyone chant Maiyya’s name. Ishwar says Devanshi is ready to manage temple duty as you all wanted, she is ready to sit in Kusum’s place, I want to complete this moment, we should go to darbar and do Devanshi’s abhishek, chant Devanshi’s name. He tells Devanshi that if she did not come here today, she would have not got chance to end Kusum’s name. Devanshi says fine, I m ready to help you all, I will sit in Kusum’s place. Everyone smile.

Mohan says Devanshi came there by changing mind, what shall I do. Kusum says you said you will make everything fine, did you do this fine, you failed to do anything when she was little. He says Vardaan is ill because of me, don’t point finger at me, its time I kill her, everything will change. She asks what’s your brahmastra.

Shikhar says Vardaan, it will be Devanshi’s abhishek going on, shall we go out and enjoy, no one gets bored with me. Vardaan says no, my sports academy is getting built, I have to see its work. Vardaan’s hand does not move. Shikhar says I will take you to academy, sit there and see the work. They leave. Ishwar asks Mohan is Kusum fine, Devanshi is going to sit in her throne, you both could not stop maha aarti, what will you stop her abhishek, say something. He asks him to hear temple bells, this is sign of change. Mohan says you can hear bells, do you hear storm sound, it will throw all your misunderstandings away. Ishwar laughs and says fine, let Devanshi sit on throne, then we will see.

Gopi says Nutan, what will happen, we have to do something. Nutan says if Devanshi becomes Mata, it will be big loss. He agrees and says yes, its will be my loss too, if Devanshi agrees for my CD release then. She says let your CD go to hell, its not releasing, I m worried for something else. He asks what. She says Kusum gave me keys, Devanshi will snatch keys from me, she hated me. Gopi asks her to give keys. She says then I will not let money for Golu’s future, I accumulated two lakhs, we have to do something. He asks what will you do, if Kusum can’t do anything. She says no, I hope Kusum does something.

Kusum calls everyone. She asks Nutan where are the papers which were distributed to my devotees. Nutan cries. Kusum says don’t cry, I m not annoyed with you. Nutan says I m not scared of your anger, I m thinking all the servants feel Devanshi will stamp on papers, so they did not give any papers. Kusum says go and send all servants here, fire the servant who had this duty. Nutan cries. Kusum asks her to do work. Nutan says I can’t take a step, if Devanshi becomes Mata, she will do bad with you, stop her before she sits on throne, else she will ruin everything. Kusum and Nutan hear people chanting Devanshi’s name. Ishwar laughs. Kusum asks did you drink bhaang. He says no, its happiness for Devanshi’s victory, wear these ordinary clothes and live an ordinary life. Devanshi comes in the phalki.

The lady says Devanshi deserves the throne. Devanshi goes and sits on the throne. Kusum looks on.

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