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Devanshi 30th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 30th April 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with people praising Devanshi and asking Kusum to make Devanshi manage the throne now. The lady says Devanshi has done big miracles, ordinary person can’t do this, you said if you get anyone suitable, you will give the throne to that person and get busy in Maiyya’s Aradhna. She says we have kept a maha puja tomorrow, we want you to come. Devanshi says I can’t do this, I m an ordinary human. She goes. The people ask Kusum to convince Devanshi for doing puja. Kusum says fine, I will see what I can do.

Devanshi goes to Vardaan. She sits by his side and cries. She says Vardaan did not open eyes, did not take my name, he did not ask how I m feeling now. Shikhar says everything will get fine. She asks when, you do much magic, can you make my tears away. He says I wish I could, I would have not let tears come in your eyes. Kusum says I can’t lose everything to that girl, say something, you go and support her, Vardaan is liveless, go to her and become her fav like you became mine. He asks her not to worry, and think to do something.

Kusum goes to Devanshi. She sends Shikhar out of the room. She says this small magician will treat your husband, who is near death. Devanshi gets in between. Kusum says he can die anytime. Devanshi asks her to go. Kusum says I came to see Vardaan taking last breath. Devanshi says stop, enough now, if you say a word more against him then… Kusum asks what will you do, will you kill me, its fine, I will kill you, I won’t let cheap people make you sit on throne, you like to show you can make people alive, if I kill you, show me by getting alive, I will kill you and then kill Vardaan. She attacks Devanshi with a knife. Devanshi bites her hand. Vardaan says Devanshi…. Devanshi gets glad and cries. Kusum gets shocked seeing Vardaan getting conscious.

Devanshi hugs Vardaan. She shouts to everyone. Everyone come there. Vardaan says Devanshi… He sees Ishwar. Devanshi says everything is fine. Vardaan holds her face. He tries to move his right hand, and fails. He says my hand is not raising. They all get shocked. Kusum smiles. Devanshi and Ishwar ask Vardaan to try, nothing will happen to him. Nutan says what am I seeing, Vardaan became handicapped like Ishwar. Gopi asks her to be quiet. He asks Vardaan to tell them how did this accident happen, try to recall, everything will get fine, we are with you.

Vardaan recalls his accident. Kusum says I think its someone’s plan, that servant is missing. Vardaan cries. Nutan says now Vardaan can’t leave this bed. Devanshi says nothing will happen to him, Vardaan try and show them you can move your hand. They all worry for Vardaan.

Kusum goes to Devanshi and taunts her. She asks how will you do maha aarti now, you can’t leave husband in this state, you snatched my throne, this is happening because of that, I called this marriage as abshagun, see my prediction got true, how will you pass life alone, its better you give up your life. Devanshi says my husband is not burden like me, I did not take support of his name, I took wedding rounds with him, I won’t give my life, I won’t take anyone’s life like you, I will just do what a wife should do, when a wife stands with husband, none can do anythng.


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