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Devanshi 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum and Mohan arguing. He flirts with her. She calms down. Menka thinks to find some solution of Kalki. Devanshi comes and asks did you think bad about me. Menka thinks how did she know, does she know mind reading. Devanshi scares her showing the gun. Menka falls on sofa. Devanshi says I know shooting, my aim is good, sit here. She keeps apple on Menka’s head and shoots. Menka screams. Vardaan comes. Menka runs to him and hugs, asking him to save her. Vardaan asks what’s this, if anything happened to her then. Kalki says don’t shout, I just do what I want, be it game or life. She points gun at him and shoots beside. She asks what happened, did you get scared, don’t worry, I aimed somewhere else, gun is real but bullets are fake, how can I separate lovers, you guys are getting married, did date get fix, did you arrange money, tell me. She insults Vardaan. They argue. Vardaan falls over her. Piya re…..plays….. Menka looks on. Devanshi taunts him and goes.

Mohan tells Kusum about Kalki fixing camera in room, she wants to see if I m taking your blood or not, you have to give me blood. Devanshi looks on. Mohan says I have got keys, I have seen 10 crores, she will trust me. Devanshi hears their conversation and smiles. Mohan asks Kusum to understand. Kusum says you saw money and left it. He says don’t be foolish, that land is imp, and elections are coming also, think. She says fine, but will money go anywhere. He says I guarantee. He takes her blood.

Devanshi thinks you got my blood in childhood, you would be knowing my pain now, I will take revenge of all injustice that happened with me. Kusum gets dizzy and falls on Mohan. Mohan gets her blood. Devanshi says my plan to teach them lesson succeeded, its time to work out next plan. Lady tells Vardaan that Kalki stopped them from going inside temple. Vardaan says well will get clean, you all will get water, go. Menka asks him why is he getting in between. He asks shall I leave them alone at this time. She says no, I did not mean that. He gets angry on her and apologizes.

Nutan and Gopi argue. She scolds him angrily. She asks him to leave. Devanshi comes and scolds her for talking to Gopi badly, atleast he sings well, his fate got bad to get a wife like you. She asks her to clean the place. She makes Nutan fall down over the water bucket. She says I hope the dirt inside you gets clean. Mohan shows the blood bottles to Devanshi. She says I can’t trust you, you are loyal to Kusum, maybe you told her plan and she agreed to give blood, how did she agree so soon, I know her, maybe you bribed her, your honesty will be proved in next task, you have to do this without telling her. He asks what. She asks him to get Kusum’s hair and get land. She asks him to think well. She gives him the blade and says remember, there are CCTV cameras everywhere. She thinks I know Mohan is with Kusum, I will separate them.


Devanshi 1st July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mohan shaves off Kusum’s head. Nutan screams seeing Kusum. Kusum gets shocked seeing her bald head.

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