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Devanshi 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Devanshi 30th March 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with people saying its Maiyya’s miracle, Devanshi is Devi’s ansh. They chant Devanshi’s name. Devanshi says from today, you all will take Maiyya’s name, not mine or Kusum’s, Maiyya told this ti me, Kusum gets shocked. Everyone chant Maiyya’s name. Devanshi says I m one among you, Devi is just one, that’s Maiyya, its enough that human stayed as Lord, now just Maiyya will be prayed. They people call her Mata and take blessings. Devanshi asks what are you all saying.

Sakshi cries and apologizes to Devanshi. She says I felt I lost you forever. They hug. Vardaan thinks I don’t know who saved Devanshi, but this story is lie, I m fed up seeing this blind belief. He takes Devanshi with her.

Nutan says I did not think this before, but now I feel Devanshi is special to Mata, she proved this, who gets saved from fire. Gopi says yes, he is right, did you come back after she sat in fire. Kusum scolds her and says I did not move from there till she started burning in fire, Maiyya did not come to save her, she is lying, she did something to come out alive. Nutan says but she went in fire by her wish, why will she come back, I think she is saying true. Gopi says yes. Kusum says fine, we will see if Maiyya saves me or not. She pours oil to ignite fire. Nutan says she has got mad. Kusum lights the fire around her. They all get shocked and shout.

Vardaan takes Devanshi somewhere. He says I know you are lying, this can’t happen, the people believed you as they believe Kusum. She asks what do you think then, how did I get saved. He says don’t know, when I got conscious, I just saw ashes and felt….. He holds her hand. Piya re…..plays……… He says I felt I lost you forever. She says you forget all that when I m in front of you, why do you want to know how I got saved. He says I won’t get peace till I know, tell me, I know you are hiding something from me.

Kusum shouts she is lying, that Maiyya came to save her. Kusum’s brother gets water and blows off the fire. He asks Kusum to come down. Kusum says I m Mata Kusum Sundari, there is no one else, not even Maiyya. She falls down and gets hurt.

Devanshi tells Vardaan about the chemical, by which she got saved from fire. He says if the chemical did not work then, fire is fire, if anything happened to you. She says I m cursed for everyone who comes close, so I had no way than to go for that Agni pariksha. She pinches and lies. She says I did not wish you to feel after marriage that I m risk for your life. He asks what, it means you are ready for marriage. She asks did you leave any option for me. He asks jeep Jaaneman to listen this, your sautan is coming, she is ready for marriage. He shows the ghungroos he got near fire. He says I thought I lost you. He gives her ghungroos and says you can’t think what I went through. He hugs her. She feels sorry to hide Kusum’s truth, knowing he can do anything in anger. Sh thinks I have to find a truth.

Nutan says its good Kusum is fine, I thought Kusum will die. Kusum gets angry. Nutan says I will get food and goes. Kusum’s brother says I want to know what Devanshi did to get saved from fire. Kusum says I don’t care for it, why did she lie and what she wants to do.

Devanshi apologizes to Sakshi and says I m happy you are not annoyed with me. Sakshi says you can fall so low to get Vardaan, I did not think this, I heard you when you were confessing love to Vardaan, you snatched Vardaan from me, why did you not say this truth before, I told you everything. Devanshi says I thought your heart will break, I wanted to see you two together. Sakshi says you got to know he loves you, so you did this drama, I will tell this to Kusum. Devanshi says no, you won’t tell her. Sakshi asks why, you are scared, Sarla was right, you are a curse on us, you snatched my love. She goes.

Devanshi thinks Sarla never believed me to be family, I loved them as my own parents, I want courage to take revenge from Kusum. She goes to Kusum and says I have to talk, after saving me, Maiyya told me that she wants you to keep two days Nirjala fast, she said she is giving you signs but you did not understand, you keep fast else Maiyya will be annoyed. Kusum thinks she got clever to play game with me. She says till Maiyya gives me sign, I won’t keep fast.

Devanshi says what will I tell villagers now. Kusum asks villagers. Devanshi says yes, I told them everything before coming here, they are waiting for you, don’t worry, I will tell your decision to them Kusum stops her and agrees to keep fast. Devanshi says I will do all arrangements, 2-3 maids will be with Kusum. She thinks I will make your roots weak, none will believe, this will happen with the person’s help, whom you kept confined for years.


Devanshi 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nutan tells Kusum that Devanshi and Vardaan are giving earnings to servants. Kusum asks Devanshi what do you want from me. Devanshi asks her to see, this is just beginning.

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