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Devanshi 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update and Devanshi 3rd April 2017 watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Devanshi saying I called you here as you cheated Maiyya in this temple, you kept Vardaan captive here, Vardaan and I met for the first time here. Kusum says you always talk more than your status, tell me what do you want to say. Devanshi says I want to ask you, how can a mum think to kill her son. Kusum gets shocked. She says you know this truth also, I have to praise you, you saved Vardaan.

Devanshi says I want my answer, why did you do this. Kusum says I just praised you, why are you talking like mad, did you not understand, if you can’t stop, the person giving you courage should die, its for stopping you. Devanshi says the woman who can’t be of son, what will you care of someone else, you killed everyone who came in your way, I know your entire truth, your crimes and sins, the truth you have hidden, when you were shouting and telling your crimes, I heard it.

Kusum recalls and says what will you do knowing truth, you can’t do anything, when everyone believe me here, you remember how I turned the questions at you, I will find some way even this time, go and tell everyone that Kusum is murdered, I m not scared. Devanshi says you know I have no proof and none can believe me. Kusum asks why are you wasting time then, go and find proof against me then we will talk. Devanshi says I have proof that can bring your sins out. Kusum gets shocked.

Devanshi says I got part of your dark truth. Kusum asks what. Devanshi asks what happened, you are getting scared, I came close to that truth, the truth can be out any time. She goes. Kusum worries and says I have to do something of this truth, it can’t come out, I have hidden it since 14 years.

Kusum goes to temple. Devanshi follows her and thinks I knew your fear will end your smartness by hearing my words. Devanshi sees her gone, and says where did she go. Kusum talks to servant. He says none will know this place, the secret that is hidden behind temple, none could not know this. She says fine, I have hidden this truth since 14 years, Devanshi should not know this. Servant asks her not to worry, I will take you by hidden route come. Kusum leaves, Devanshi prays to Maiyya to help her. She says I can’t see Kusum pretending more. She steps on a tile and falls down. She says where did I come, which is this place. She sees the same drawing of a 17 number tiger. She recalls and says I have seen this before, thanks Maiyya, I will find this person now whom Kusum kept confined since 14 years. She sees a sack. She goes to see. Kusum strikes on her head. Devanshi faints. Kusum scolds servant. She asks him to change the person’s place. She says Devanshi can’t go back now. She asks servant to close this door forever, Devanshi will be locked in this secret passage. She goes.

Vardaan asks Nutan to come on time, I want all my family members to be there. Nutan says yes, what option did you leave for us. Vardaan says I know you don’t like me, but we should forget differences, I want your blessing. He stops Sakshi and says I won’t force you, I will feel good if you come, Devanshi will feel more good. Sakshi says I will come for your sake.

Kusum’s brother tells her that Devanshi gave away a lot. Kusum says don’t worry, we have much, I have seen Devanshi, its a day to celebrate. He asks is she sure. She says yes, sure, now that girl will live in that secret passage where she went to find our 14 year old secret, I pity Vardaan, he will be thinking her would be fiancee has run away, I will see how this girl gets saved now.

Vardaan asks servant to ask Devanshi how much time will it take. Golu asks him to go and get ready. Servant says Devanshi is not here. Vardaan says its engagement time. He calls and says her phone is off. Golu says maybe she went her home. Vardaan says yes. Golu says I will get her and goes. Vardaan says she does not say what she wants to do, so I get angry. Devanshi wakes up and looks around. She says I have to find the way out.


Devanshi 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kusum says trust me Vardaan, that girl wanted my money, she has stolen money and ran away. Devanshi comes there. Kusum gets shocked. Devanshi acts to faint and opens the secret passage.

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