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Devanshi 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi blowing off the fire. Pavan asks why do you fall weak in front of Vardaan, he is going this to impress you. She says I have thrown Menka out, and just have to bring Mohan and Kusum’s truth in front of him. He asks don’t you see they want to trap you, they are worrying for you to become good in your sight. She says this is not true. He says its true, else prove it. She says I will prove it that Vardaan is not that bad, the good human in him is alive, it will be proved that he has feelings for Devanshi even now, if he is doing this intentionally or not. He says if you fail in proving this then… She says I will take revenge as you say. He agrees and says you just have 24 hours Kalki, your time starts now.

Kusum dances happily. Mohan comes. Kusum says victory came in my hand, I m very happy. He asks her to dance slow, else everyone will see her bald head. She says I will not say anything to you today. She gives him some papers. He asks what’s this. She says a game, I will get this property after Vardaan and Kalki’s marriage, I will give you its share, see I have signed on it. He asks why are you favoring me. She says I love you a lot, Menka planned all that to divide us. She hugs him. He asks her to stay away and throws papers. He says why shall I support a woman like you, Kalki saved my life and respect, why shall I cheat her.

Kusum asks did I ask you to cheat her, Vardaan is better than Pavan, we will get everything back, its big price, your life will be made, you can do this. He agrees and takes papers. She asks him to find about Pavan. They go and search Pavan’s room. She says see he has driver’s things, he talks in such language. Mohan says he is smart, he knows anyone will check here, so he has kept his thing in Kalki’s room. She hugs him and asks him to go and find in Kalki’s room. She goes and stops Devanshi. She makes her busy in talk. She says I was trying to bring Menka’s truth out. Mohan goes to Devanshi’s room and checks. Kusum says Devanshi was not greedy, she was better than Menka, she respected people. Mohan sees Ishwar’s pic in cupboard and says why will Kalki make Ishwar’s pic, I don’t understand. Devanshi asks Kusum to stop it. She says I want to marry Vardaan. Kusum gets shocked.

She asks her to say again. Devanshi says Pavan and my marriage was forced one, I did not wish to marry Pavan, I want to get rid of Pavan, I think Vardaan is best for me, I will spend my life with him. Kusum hugs her and asks when do you want to marry. She laughs. Devanshi says I will be ready, will Vardaan agree and get rid of Devanshi’s memories, I can’t marry him if Devanshi is alive. Kusum says Devanshi will be out of his heart, don’t worry, leave this to me, she was characterless, she was a fraud. Devanshi makes her fall down. Kusum says I m fine. Devanshi says I want proof for this. Kusum asks her to out doubts, she will prove Vardaan does not love Devanshi. Devanshi thinks I know Kusum will explain Vardaan to forget Devanshi and marry Kalki, but he will not agree, he did not forget Devanshi, I will prove he is not a bad guy, I will prove Pavan wrong.

Kusum says Kalki is ready to marry Vardaan, they will get married and I will get all property. Mohan comes. She says I m very happy, Kalki agreed to marry Vardaan. Mohan shouts stop it, hear my breaking news, you will be shocked. She asks what news. Mohan says Kalki was making a painting, its Ishwar’s painting, she has hidden it from all of us, I can understand one this, this girl is not Kalki, she is Devanshi. Kusum gets shocked. He says she has come back to ruin our lives, she has broken all of us, she is clever woman, she did this with full plan.

Kusum says no, this can’t happen, how can she become Kalki in one year, we did not find this out before, why would she talk of marrying Vardaan if she was Devanshi, even if she is Devanshi, why did she come to me. Mohan says I don’t know, I just know its Ishwar’s painting, come with me to her room. He takes her and gets painting. Kusum sees some other painting. She says Ishwar was not so ugly and shows painting. He says I have seen it, someone has changed painting. She says I m doubting on you, are you trying to stop Vardaan and Kalki’s marriage. He asks what are you saying. Devanshi comes and asks what’s happening here. They get shocked.


Devanshi 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pavan asks Devanshi to see Vardaan’s truth, he is burning Devanshi’s memories, you lost the bet, kill Vardaan. Devanshi points gun at Vardaan.

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