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Devanshi 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Kusum getting shocked seeing the rats. Kusum’s brother shows the ghungroos threads broken. He says this girl got the rats. Kusum asks who are you, what’s your name, say. Sakshi recalls Devanshi’s words and says I can’t say, else I will lose game and have to leave from this village. Nutan shouts and calls her unlucky for spoiling both the days. Kusum drags Sakshi out and tells everyone that this girl has entered the temple and blew off Akhand jyot, she ruined Vadh divas and Shuddi divas. Sakshi asks her to say anything. The people say beat her, maybe she got Devanshi’s spirit in her. Sakshi says don’t beat me. Vardaan asks them to calm down. Devanshi asks them to stop and rushes to Sakshi.

Kusum holds Sakshi’s hand and sees Devanshi tattooed on her wrist. She asks are you Devanshi. Everyone get shocked. Vardaan thinks of Devanshi and sees the ghungroo bead in Sakshi’s neck. Kusum says you have come to ruin Vadh divas and make Shuddi divas impure, just you can do this, Maiyya made you mad by your deeds, but your evil is still in you. Nutan says we have let you go 14 years ago thinking she is a little girl, but this time her life will go. Devanshi gets shocked and says no, don’t beat my sister. Vardaan thinks is she Devanshi. Devanshi runs to Sakshi and says you are mistaken, I m Devanshi, we got each other’s name tattooed on our wrists, see, she is Sakshi, and I m Devanshi, don’t do anything to her. They all get shocked. Devanshi cries and says leave my sister, she did not do anything.

Kusum says it needs courage to risk life for someone dear, but you try hard, you can’t save Devanshi, she is a culprit. Devanshi shouts no and hugs Sakshi. They cry. Kusum says lying and making the temple impure prove that she is Devanshi, see Maiyya gave her punishment and made her mad, if you were Devanshi, you would be standing in her place. Vardaan sees Sakshi and gets sad. Devanshi holds Kusum’s feet and says I was not involved in cylinder blasts, save Sakshi, believe me.

Kusum says its happening as per Maiyya’s command, move away. Kusum’s brother ask servants to take Sakshi for Vadh divas. The people get angry. Devanshi says I m ready to give sacrifice, don’t burn my sister. Kusum’s brother says fine, burn along with her. They tie Sakshi. Kusum’s brother pours kerosene on Sakshi. Devanshi cries. Kusum gets the fire torch to light up Sakshi. Vardaan comes there and stops Kusum. He says I trust Kusum, I know everyone hate Devanshi and burnt her idol since 14 years, today she is here, its justified to burn her, but I know this can’t happen when Kusum is here. Kusum knows villagers’ pain and also difference between right and wrong, Kusum held the firetorch to save Devanshi, not burn her. He throws firetorch. Kusum asks what are you doing. He says she knows Shastras, any mad person can’t be given death punishment, everyone knows this girl is mad.

Reporter asks Kusum what she has to say. Kusum says my son Vardaan did not leave anything to say, I m proud of him. Devanshi gets shocked realizing he is Vardaan. She thinks of Vardaan and says I knew its you Vardaan. Kusum says I m glad seeing him responsible, Devanshi is bad spirit on villagers, but its true that mad person can’t be given death punishment according to Shastras, I was just calming villagers’ anger.

Vardaan asks Nutan to answer media. Nutan says Kusum is saying right, mad person can’t be punished. The lady asks what about the innocent kid’s death, if Devanshi got mad, is this justice with us. The people ask Kusum to do justice. Kusum says justice will happen, Devanshi will be punished but after getting mentally fine, till then Devanshi and Sakshi can stay in this village. Devanshi thinks everyone and Vardaan think Sakshi is Devanshi, I have to stay with this lie till Sakshi gets fine.

Devanshi and Sakshi are surrounded by hatred. Vardaan comes to Sarla’s house and says I will stay here from today. He paints the house. Devanshi sees him. Music plays…. She falls in his arms.

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