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Devanshi 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum lying to Devanshi. She says I was just taking Mohan to his room, he got mistaken and came here. Devanshi asks her to put eye drops to Mohan. Mohan says I have medicines in my room. Devanshi says he will see everything clearly. Kusum asks Mohan to open eyes wide. Mohan starts worried. His eyes burn. Devanshi scares him. He asks her what is she joking. Devanshi asks Kusum to give solid proof that Vardaan has no place for Devanshi in his heart, else she can cancel the marriage. Kusum says I will prove it tonight. They leave.

Mohan says you are doing big mistake by not believing me. Kusum says you don’t want me to get Kalki’s property, do you want to marry her and get her property, get out. He asks her to leave him to hiss room and hugs her. She argues and asks him get lost. She shuts door. He thinks my eyes can’t be cheated, I have seen that painting, did Devanshi know this and changed the painting in time, what does this mean. Pavan asks Devanshi to see how Mohan changed, its good I kept mic in their room and got to know truth, I changed painting in time, you stop trusting them, don’t give this chance to Vardaan, else you will just regret.

Everyone asks Kusum to stop. Kusum emotionally blackmails Vardaan. He asks did she go mad. He says I can do anything for your betterment. Pavan asks what nonsense is she saying, I will pour this kerosene on you. He thinks Vardaan has to agree to Kusum. Kusum says I will end Devanshi’s memories. Vardaan asks Pavan to stay away from his mum. Pavan asks what will you do tomorrow, will you burn her clothes, you all got mad. Kusum thinks he gave me great idea and smiles. Pavan thinks I intentionally gave you this idea. Vardaan says there will be some other way. She says there is just one way now. Pavan asks Devanshi to come with him. She asks where. He shows Vardaan burning Devanshi’s memories. She gets shocked.

He says this is Vardaan’s truth, he is burning Devanshi’s memories so that he can marry Kalki. Kusum sees Kalki and does drama. She says Devanshi is out of our hearts. Devanshi cries. Pavan asks her did she see Vardaan’s true face, she should have realized this before, he wants Kalki and her property, there is some time left, you lost your bet, it will be according to my plan now. She asks tell me what to do, I will do it. He says then kill Vardaan.

She gets shocked. He says don’t worry, I know you can’t kill anyone, you just shoot at any part of his body, I want to see him in pain. She says I can’t do this. He says you said right, why will you kill such a man by whom your child died, one who tagged you characterless, who supported liars, who refused to childhood love and threw you out of house. She says stop it. He says he does not care for you, think of your life with your child and identity, don’t you want to punish him. She says fine, I will do what you say. He gives her the gun. She goes to Vardaan and sees him sleeping. She points gun at him and her hands shake. She shoots in air. He wakes up and sees her with the gun. She cries seeing Devanshi’s belongings and pictures. She thinks he did not forget me and burnt all those waste things to show others. Kusum comes. Vardaan keeps all the things in bag. They all see Devanshi’s pics.

Pavan sees Devanshi. Vardaan asks her why is she shooting like this. She asks Kusum about Devanshi’s belongings and goes. Vardaan asks what was Kalki saying. Kusum says don’t know, she is weird, are you fine. He says I m fine. She says I will just come and goes. Pavan looks at Vardaan and sees Devanshi’s pics. He goes. He thinks what to do of Vardaan, he is not getting away, if I had mangalsutra, I would be focussed, where did I keep it, I need it. Devanshi comes and shows mangalsutra. She asks are you finding this, maybe it fell from your pocket, I m surprised you kept this safe. He says this will make you weak. She asks him to come with her. She says I know you worry for me a lot and turn aggressive, trust me, I was thinking right about Vardaan, I proved you wrong, I need your help to expose Kusum’s truth in front of Vardaan. She goes. Pavan calls someone and says water is going overhead, everything is happening against my plan, Vardaan is not forgetting Devanshi, I will not let her become of Vardaan, I will help myself to get Kalki.


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