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Devanshi 4th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 4th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Menka saying Vardaan kept his land mortgaged and got money. Devanshi thinks how did Menka know this. Vardaan says I did not wish to say, you can call bank and confirm, everything is clear, I know some people would regret knowing I m not thief, but this is the truth. Devanshi stops him. Kusum says we did big mistake to doubt on Vardaan, but Devanshi is Vardaan’s wife, how did she doubt on him. Devanshi asks her not to give her opinion till she is asked. Vardaan asks Devanshi not to get up from her throne for him. Devanshi asks what are you saying.

He says I know you will say you were helpless to do this. She says no. He holds her and asks her not to feel guilty or explain. He smiles and says its my mistake, I behaved such, you did your duty, I could not do my duty, I told you so much, forgive me.

She thinks what happened to him, he should be angry on me. He says I have hidden land matter from you, I did not wish to trouble you. She hugs him. Kusum and Mohan get shocked. Devanshi says your heart is very big, you are living with big burden, I m your wife, you can’t fight big war alone, you won’t do this again, promise me. He nods and promises. They hold hands. Ishwar smiles. Vardaan makes Devanshi sit on throne. He goes.

Nutan says none should now I have kept my life earnings and jewelry in this pit. Nutan settles the soil. Menka comes and asks what are you doing. Nutan asks are you following me. Menka says I heard sound and came to see. Nutan asks how did you know about Vardaan keeping land mortgaged. Menka says I heard him talking on phone. He goes.

Vardaan says how did Menka know this. Ishwar says we have to find out who is the thief. Vardaan says I will find the thief and money. Devanshi says you promised me, you will not hide anything. He nods and goes. Ishwar asks what are you thinking. She recalls Bua and says something wrong is happening, Bua called Sabha and then she changed her words. She sees idol shaking and runs to hold it. Ishwar says its Maiyya’s sign, you are thinking right. Devanshi thanks Maiyya for showing them the way. She goes to meet Bua. Meka says I m also finding her. Devanshi asks her does she have to say something. Menka recalls Kusum’s words.

Devanshi says I promised Kaki that I will take care of you, if there is anything, tell me, don’t hide. Menka says there is nothing. Devanshi asks how did you know about Vardaan taking loan by keeping land mortgaged. Menka says I heard him talking on phone. Devanshi says if I know you or Bua is hiding anything, I will talk as Mata Devanshi. Mohan hears this and calls Kusum. He says Devanshi got suspicious about you, stay away for some days, I will inform you when things get fine here. Menka comes and says now I can’t do this. He says you have to support us, you took its price. Menka thinks to tell truth to Devanshi at aarti tonight.

Devanshi tells everyone that they all are equal, so they will also have right to do aarti. Nutan asks what is she saying. Ishwar agrees with Devanshi. Devanshi asks Kaki to do aarti today. She makes Kaki do aarti.

Some lady comes there and drops a note. Devanshi looks on. She reads. Someone asks her to meet behind temple to catch the thief. Devanshi goes. Mohan sees Vardaan and asks are you finding Devanshi, she was going behind temple. Vardaan goes and sees Devanshi. He says what is she doing here. Some lady comes there. Vardaan asks who is it. The lady throws note and goes. Vardaan runs after the lady. Devanshi checks note. Vardaan asks what are you doing here. Devanshi says that woman gave me chit at aarti time, she gave this chit now. He reads thief is from her family. He asks her how did she come here alone by reading a chit, how did she hide this. She says sorry, she asked me to come alone. The lady is actually Mohan. Mohan says I got saved. He calls Kusum and says I did what you wanted, now Vardaan is doubting Devanshi.


Devanshi 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Devanshi asks Menka did Bua come. Menka thinks I will tell truth to Devanshi, but if Bua harms my family then. Devanshi thinks is Bua related to the theft.