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Devanshi 4th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 4th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Devanshi 4th March 2017 video watch online on

The reporters ask Kusum how she is always so pious and concerned for others. Kusum says they must only abide by the instructions of Gods. She leaves under people’s slogans. Sakshi asks Vardhan if he is a nice guy or an evil one. Vardhan asks her to tell by herself. Devanshi calls Vardhan? Vardhan says his Devanshi was once so sensible, he recalls the last time he had seen her from the other side of lake. Today, Devanshi tied him into bag. Devanshi thinks she wants to tell him all the truth, but for Sakshi’s wellbeing she must hide it. Vardhan was upset watching Sakshi that she won’t remember any moment she spent with him ever. Devanshi thinks she remembers every single moment, those last bids of good byes as well.
Devanshi comes to ask Kusum to go to the place she lived 14 years ago, she doesn’t want to be a burden on anyone. Kusum calls it a wreckage only. Devanshi watches Sakshi bringing a pot and shouts at her to keep it back. Nutan shuts Devanshi up scolding her for shouting at Kusum. Devanshi watches Sakshi about to throw the pot out of rage, and shouts at her again for not understanding. Sakshi breaks the pot and comes cheerfully as she has won the game. Devanshi apologizes them for her action and asks their permission to stay in that house. Kusum agrees.
Vardhan was sad in his room about Devanshi’s condition, he was determined to turn Devanshi back into herself. He decides to be with her.
People gather around as Devanshi and Sakshi come to their old house. Sakshi asks if this is their house, would they stay here. She cheers. Devanshi reads a hatred note written with black on the wall and cries rubbing it. The villagers gather there calling Sakshi as a crazy girl. Sakshi goes to them but they were about to hit her. Devanshi comes as her savior, and says Kusum allowed them to stay in this house. Devanshi unlocks the door of the house. She tells Sakshi not to call her by her name Devanshi but Barki, she would call Sakshi as Chutki.
The villagers come to Kusum and suggests her to punish Sakshi then to feel pity over her. Kusum says its Maiyya’s decision, Maiyya doesn’t want them to punish Devanshi at a time when she has lost her memory; but on the right time she will have to pay for each of her sins. People were concerned about the lives of their children, and their brought up. Kusum says if the environment of this village undergoes a little change, she would withdraw her decision.
Vardhan comes there with his bags packed and tells them he would go and stay with Devanshi. Kusum and everyone was shocked. Vardhan says there must be someone to protect those sisters, they must have someone as a shield if someone forwards to hurt Devanshi or her sister.
Devanshi was cleaning her house. Sakshi looks around and makes Devanshi clean around. Devanshi comes out to throw a bucket full of water, but Vardhan stood outside and throws his bags down. Devanshi looks apologetic.


Devanshi 4th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vardhan offers Sakshi sweets and asks her to eat it. Sakshi says she doesn’t like sweet. Vardhan forbids Devanshi speak in between them. Later, he angrily says to Devanshi that she hasn’t improved in all these years.

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