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Devanshi 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kalki offering help to Nutan. She makes Nutan cook. Nutan praises her for having magical power. Kalki says I saw recipe on net and told you. Nutan says that also needs mind, how did you learn english. Kalki says from orphanage school. Nutan says you have powers right. Kalki calls Devanshi. Nutan asks her not to call Devanshi. Gopi talks to Devanshi and says I don’t understand this. Devanshi says I m seeing a dream since few days and know about Kukarmi Devi. He asks her not to take her name again, I know everything, Kukarmi Devi is a devil, she used to stay here in Jwalapuri, she tortured people here, everyone is afraid of her, Ishwar made Maiyya’s temple here and got us rid of her.

Devanshi asks about Kukarmi’s temple. Gopi says it was under this temple, none goes there so it was shut, Ishwar used to say Kukarmi will come in human form. Devanshi recalls Maya’s words. Gopi says she will try to make the people her servants. Devanshi recalls Maya’s words.

Kusum lies to everyone and tells the ladies to donate things, Maiyya told this to her in her dream. The lady asks her not to cheat them now. Kusum says I know I can’t win your truth again, I m doig this for repentance, I have to serve Maiyya’s avatar. The lady says Devanshi refused to sit on throne, whom will you serve. Kusum says I m saying about Kalki, she is Maiyya’s ansh. She also came from hundi and has powers, you all know this, just see once, Kalki can free you from sorrow and pain. Devanshi thinks to find everything about Kukarmi Devi, then she can stop her from ruling in Jwalapuri. She enters the secret passage. Maya says now Kukarmi Devi’s real game will begin, and opens a book. She says first sin is anger, anyone can get trapped in anger and come in my control. Nutan comes there.

Maya sits meditating. Nutan asks where is Kalki, do you know. Maya says no. Nutan goes. Maya says it will be real fun now. Devanshi sees the scary place and thinks to collect more info, maybe I know something from this idol. She gets hit and falls. Kusum shows the glass pieces and says Kalki will walk on this glass and nothing will happen to her. Kalki comes and asks did you call me. Kusum says yes, come with me. She makes Kalki walk over glass. She thinks this is not real glass, its fake glass, these foolish villagers don’t know this. She asks them to see Kalki didn’t get hurt. She sends the ladies.

She gets hurt by glass piece. Kalki smiles. Devanshi gets some book and says I can find something in this. Maya adds something in Nutan’s dish. Nutan thanks her for help. Maya thinks I just help myself. Devanshi gets Ishwar’s book and smiles. She says I got info, Maiyya helped me. She reads the ways to stop Kukarmi Devi.

Maya asks Gopi to taste food before guests come. Gopi is about to eat food. Devanshi comes and stops him. She throws the food. Gopi and Nutan ask why did she do this. Devanshi says none will touch this food, throw this away. Gopi asks what are you saying. Devanshi says Kukarmi Devi has come back, she wants to rule in this village again, she can go to any extent. Gopi asks how do you know this. Devanshii says I have identified her, you will know it on time, we all have to be alert. Nutan says I made this food, Kalki helped me, how can anyone do black magic on it. Devanshi says I really feel Kukarmi did magic on this food. She thinks I don’t want them to get afraid, I will manage Maya alone.


Devanshi 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kalki shouts Devanshi and scolds her. She shows her powers by lifting things. They all get shocked.

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