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Devanshi 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Vardaan telling Gopi that Kalki’s thoughts are troubling him, he has to make her out of his mind anyway. Gopi says her face meets with Devanshi. Vardaan asks did you see her behavior, she is so ill mannered, I m not able to answer her, don’t know why, Kusum is praising Kalki, don’t know what happened to everyone. Gopi says everything will get fine, calm your heart, if Ishwar was here, he would have explained you same way. Vardaan rests on his shoulder and says I miss Papa a lot, I don’t know what’s happening.

Devanshi thinks nothing happens by goodness in this kalyug, I m answering evil by using evil, I made Kusum doubt on Mohan, its time to make Mohan against her. She makes a sketch. Mohan comes. She asks are you trying to fool me. He says I m not cheating, I m following your order. She says CCTV footage is missing. He says I did not do anything. She says I want that footage, go and check, if I don’t get it, be ready to bear punishment. He says fine I will check, don’t worry. He goes. She thinks you are going to see something that shocks you.

Mohan checks the footage. He sees someone in Kusum’s room and says what is he doing. He shouts Kusum…. Kusum says I have to keep an eye on Menka, I have to get Vardaan and Kalki married. Menka says I m going to talk to Vardaan. Kusum says its not right time, go and rest. She thinks where is Mohan. Devanshi pays money to the couple and sends them. She says this truth did not come infront of me till now, it came out now, Kusum and Mohan’s illegitimate relation. She recalls Geeta and says like they made video to defame Geeta, I used this video to defame Kusum.

Mohan gets drunk. Kusum asks where were you, tell me about good. He pushes her and says your hair are fake like you, when that man touched you, did he not know your hair are fake. She says you got drunk. He says let everyone know about our affair. She stops him. Devanshi comes there and shouts Mohan. Mohan says what to hide from you, Kusum and I have an affair, but she has someone else with her. Kusum says he is drunk and staining my character. She acts decent. Devanshi asks what is happening here. Kusum says he is lying. Devanshi stops them and says I don’t want any drama in my house, now lie detector machine will decide it. Kusum says I don’t need to give proof to anyone, I m not Sita to give agnipariksha.

Devanshi says fine, do this drama in front of family, machine got fine now, wait. She gets the machine. Mohan makes Kusum sit. Devanshi asks Kusum is Mohan saying true, do you two have an affair. Kusum says he is lying. Devanshi says its a lie. Mohan says you cheated me. Kusum says you got mad. Devanshi asks did you cheat Mohan, do you have any relation with anyone else. Kusum says I don’t have any affair. Devanshi says machine shows its a lie. Kusum says its wrong. Mohan says you are saying lie. Kusum gets angry. Devanshi thinks I have set this machine to show red light, even if you are saying true. Mohan says you cheated me. She pushes him. Vardaan and everyone come. Vardaan beats him Mohan. Mohan says I will tell the truth, you will be shocked hearing it. Kusum thinks to do something, else Mohan will say everything. He asks will you say I m characterless, or I have an affair with you, or am I cheating you. They all get shocked. Mohan says yes, I will say this. She says shameless, I will end my life.

She takes a knife. Vardaan asks her to leave it. He asks did you go mad. She says yes, I will take my life. He asks Mohan not to say a word now. Devanshi calls them disgusting. She asks Kusum to prove her innocence. She asks Vardaan to end this drama and find truth, they should get a chance to prove their truth. She thinks Mohan has CCTV footage to prove Kusum’s truth. Vardaan argues.

Devanshi says such things spread soon, I want this to end. Nutan agrees. Vardaan says my mum will not give any proof. Menka says yes, he is right. Devanshi says you don’t have your own point of view, Kusum has to give Agnipariksha by walking on burning coal. They get shocked.


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