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Devanshi 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum saying Devanshi will do justice. Nutan asks did she get scared, see even Vardaan did not come. Vardaan says I have come. Nutan taunts. Kusum says we are helpless to wait. Devanshi comes and sees Vardaan. She sits on throne. The people ask her to do justice, will you not punish Vardaan. Devanshi asks Vardaan does he want to say something in his defense. Vardaan says no. She asks don’t you want to say about accident. He says I don’t want to clarify. She says fine, its Vardaan’s mistakes, so his punishment is that he will make earthen pots and pay the man’s loss, Vardaan won’t give money, but help in work. The people say will this be not injustice with Vardaan. Kusum says yes, Devanshi see Vardaan’s state once. Devanshi says my decision won’t change now.

Kusum says Devanshi you took revenge, why did you make fun of Vardaan by punishing this, Devanshi says if he did mistake, he will be punished, law is same for everyone. Vardaan says right, Mata Devanshi, don’t worry, I will accept punishment. Nutan scolds Devanshi and goes. Gopi says you did wrong Devanshi. Kusum smiles and says you did not sit on throne, but on fire seat, see how this fire burns you. She laughs.

Ishwar pacifies Devanshi. He says you don’t need to say anything, you did right, I would have done same being in your place, I know what you are going through. Vardaan sits to make earthen pots. Devanshi comes. She says Mata has given punishment and wife has come to support husband, I also deserve your punishment, I can bear anything, but not your annoyance. She cries. He asks her to wipe tears, else it will be biggest punishment for me. He wipes her tears. Piya re…..plays…. they smile. She wipes his face and helps him. They make pots together.

She asks him to say how did that accident happen. He says I was talking to Shikhar outside academy, Mohan came and made me lose temper. He tells everything. She says I trust myself, you don’t need to explain. She thinks is Mohan behind this accident.

Kusum asks reporters to sit. The lady says we came to take new Mata’s interview. Vardaan and Devanshi come home. Reporters go to her. Nutan says you are insulting Kusum. Vardaan takes Devanshi’s side. Devanshi asks her to come along. Kusum gets shocked. Reporter says you did miracle and revived him, you changed many things, you stopped people from giving chadava, we want to tell how you came as new hope. Vardaan says yes, everyone should know. He asks servant to do arrangements. Devanshi looks at him. He taunts Kusum and says you will be shocked seeing this when you filled my ears, I m supporting Devanshi as our relation is of souls, you can’t break it, I can be wrong, but Devanshi is never wrong. Kusum goes. Vardaan asks Devanshi to come. Mohan comes and greets them. He goes. Devanshi thinks Mohan is after this accident.

Devanshi 6th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Devanshi checks car and sees footprints. She says Mohan was driving the car.

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