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Devanshi 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Nutan saying Maya told me to make Kalki taste the food first, Kalki is innocent girl, she will say how’s its made. Maya says yes, I didn’t know the food will change Kalki. She thinks its good I have fed food to Kalki, Gopi got saved, but Kalki got changed. Devanshi looks at Maya. She asks them to go, she will see Kalki. She thinks before Maya makes Kalki do anything, I will have to lock Kalki in this room till I find some solution. Kalki asks her to open the door.

Kusum says what maybe the reason of Kalki’s anger, see Devanshi what I will do now. Gopi reads Ishwar’s book. Devanshi asks the meaning of this shlok. He says it means angry person can do anything. Devanshi says Kalki also got anger, Kukarmi Devi is doing this, Kalki was not in her control. He shows the solution, we should sprinkle gangajan on that person, it will control person for someone, Ishwarjal should be sprinkled on person to end the evil effects on that person. She asks what’s Ishwarjal. She reads a puzzle. He says rain water. She says yes, rain. She says but how will we get rain. Nutan says since this is happening with Kalki, the house lost its peace.

Kusum comes and asks where is Kalki, villagers want to meet her. Nutan asks why. Kusum says call Kalki here. Nutan says I can’t. Kalki comes shouting Devanshi and asks where is she. They all look on. Kalki asks how dare she lock me in room. Devanshi comes and asks Kalki to come with her to room. Kalki says you can’t cage me. Kusum asks the lady to see Kalki is saying what crime is happening with her. She asks Devanshi to be scared of Maiyya. Devanshi says stop it, Kalki has no powers.

Kusum says she has powers of Maiyya. Kalki says you have to see my powers, see. She lifts a sofa with one hand. Maya smiles. They all get shocked. Kalki scolds Devanshi. Gopi gets Gangajal. Devanshi puts gangajal on Kalki. Kalki neutralizes. She faints. Devanshi asks her to open eyes. Kalki gets up and asks how did I come here, what happened to me. Gopi asks Devanshi to take her. Devanshi hugs her. Maya thinks Devanshi can just stop Kalki for some time, how will she get rains.

Kalki asks Devanshi why is she troubling everyone, is she getting bad. Devanshi says its not like that, you have food, you will get fine, person has goodness and badness in her, you are very good and can’t support evil, I m here to protect you. Kalki asks her to sing lullaby. Devanshi sings lullaby. They sleep. Maya does some puja and gets a diya there. She takes diya towards Kalki. Kalki wakes up and sees her. Maya keeps diya there and goes. Kalki holds Devanshi’s neck. Devanshi wakes up and asks Kalki to leave her. She gets the gangajal pot and sprinkles water on Kalki.

Diya blows off. Kalki falls. Maya looks on. Devanshi asks her to open eyes. Kalki asks what happened. Devanshi says nothing and hugs her. She asks Kalki to sleep. She goes to Maya. Maya says you came running out to save your life. Devanshi says one who did sin is scared, so you need to get scared, I will save Kalki, even Lords have to fail in front of mum, then you are evil avatar. Maya laughs and says you don’t know the dangers, I will give you time till tomorrow, save Kalki else Kalki will become Kukarmi Devi’s bhaakt, see my powers, how I controlled her, go and save Kalki if you can. She goes. Devanshi thinks to get rains, else everything will get finished, but how to get rains.


Devanshi 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kalki is brought to temple. Kalki shouts. Devanshi says we have to save Kalki. Kusum comes and says Kalki is my daughter, I m her mum. They get shocked.

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