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Devanshi 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Ishwar saying I arranged the surprise for Vardaan, you have to call him home on time. Devanshi agrees. He goes. Vardaan comes and asks Devanshi did she not get ready. She says I can’t come with you, I have to go temple, there is some big problem. He gets angry. He says you care for everyone, not me, you promised me, is this value of my love, go to them. He goes. She thinks I wish I could explain you, its imp for me to catch this thief. She goes and says there is no one here. Mohan sends the goons. She gets shocked and asks why are you following me. They catch her.

Vardaan goes to Menka. Menka says I did cleaning, I will heat food. He says no, I will ask my friends not to come. His friends come and hug him. They greet Menka as Bhabhi. Vardaan says you are mistaken. They praise Menka and ask her name. Devanshi beats the goons. Goons run after her. Vardaan says Menka is guest here, she is not my wife, sorry I could not tell you, Devanshi is not coming. His friend says yes she is big Mata and won’t have time to meet us. Devanshi runs and hides in some house. Mohan locks the house and calls Kusum. He says bird got caged, see how I create misunderstanding between Devanshi and Vardaan.

Menka apologizes to Vardaan. He says its my mistake, not yours. He looks for Devanshi in temple and does not see her. Mohan says I m here since long, Mata is not here. Vardaan calls her and can’t connect. Devanshi says maybe the thief did this attack on me. She prays to Maiyya. She pushes the door. She recalls her phone falling down. She sees some window. Ishwar and everyone surprise Vardaan. Nutan asks Menka what is she doing with Vardaan. Vardaan says I had get together with my friends, I asked Menka to come along. Ishwar asks where is Devanshi, she planned this surprise for you. Gopi says did she fall in any trouble, she should have come by now. Devanshi comes home.

Vardaan asks her are you coming from temple. She thinks I can’t reach culprit if I say them truth. He recalls the locket S and thinks of Shikhar. Devanshi says yes. Ishwar asks them to cut cake. Vardaan gets annoyed. He cuts the cake and feeds Ishwar. Ishwar asks him to feed cake to Devanshi.

Devanshi asks Vardaan to have cake. He pushes her hand. Ishwar stops him. He says maybe she had some work, don’t forget she did all arrangements for you with love, Devanshi has many duties. Vardaan says I tried hard to understand, what about me and my needs, I m not understanding few things, now I don’t have to understand or explain anything. Devanshi cries. He asks her what is she seeing, that he is illiterate and spoiling all this. He gets knife and asks shall I know what I m. Ishwar and Nutan ask him to drop knife.

Vardaan says whatever is in my heart is on my tongue, I always say truth, not lie. He goes to room and breaks his and Devanshi’s picture. Devanshi cries and apologizes. He asks her to stop there. She picks the glass. He steps on the glasses. He asks her to stop this drama, if she cared for him, she would have not lied of going to temple. He says I went to temple, you were not there, you lied. She says yes, there is a reason to lie. He says I don’t want any explanation, you have always hidden things from me, do anything, I won’t say anything. He goes. She cries and hugs the picture.


Devanshi 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Devanshi sees Vardaan lying in Menka’s bag. Nutan asks what’s this Rasleela. Devanshi asks Menka to go to her mum’s house for some days.