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Devanshi 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Devanshi 6th March 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

The Episode starts with Devanshi asking Sakshi to sleep without pillow, she will get it tomorrow. Sakshi says I want it now itself. Vardaan comes and asks will you sleep, if I get the pillow. Sakshi says yes. He says fine, I will get it. Devanshi stops Vardaan. He says I know you want to do everything for your sister and does not want my help, don’t worry. She says I know how to explain my sister, I don’t need anyone’s help. Devanshi goes and checks some clothes. Vardaan removes his kurta and gives her. She asks what’s this, don’t you have shame. He says you were finding clothes and I gave you my kurta, anyways I sleep without kurta. She says maybe in your house, how can you sleep without kurta here. He wears his kurta back. They argue.

Devanshi makes a pillow by clothes for Sakshi and makes her sleep. Sakshi says I will get good sleep on it. Devanshi makes her sleep. Vardaan smiles. Devanshi asks him to sleep outside and let them sleep. He asks what, outside? She says be thankful I have let you stay inside house during day. He says no favors, get voting done and see. He makes Sakshi vote for him. Devanshi sits by Sakshi. Sakshi asks Vardaan to sit by her side. Devanshi sings lullaby for Sakshi. Vardaan sees Devanshi and smiles. Piya……plays………….

Its morning, everyone chant Kusum’s name. Kusum thinks when will good news come that villagers believe Devanshi is a chudail, trap is laid, did she get caught or not. Gopi comes and says I got my voice back. Kusum dismisses the Sabha and leaves. Nutan says where is Kusum’s brother today, where did he go.

Vardaan paints the wall. Devanshi asks Sakshi to sit calm, while she washes the floor. She thinks Vardaan is still same to clean the stains on my name, I will also clean all the stains posed by villagers soon. Sakshi paints along with Vardaan. Devanshi asks him will he have tea. He asks why is she being helpful today. He nods for tea. Devanshi sees the villages coming and tells Vardaan.

Vardaan stops all of them. He stands infront of Sakshi and Devanshi. He asks people are they finding black color lemon, you thought yo hide the black color lemon here and prove Devanshi is a chudail, stop here, I will show something. Lady says who will keep black color lemon here. Vardaan gets Kusum’s brother and says he has done this, I have seen him, I caught him and beaten up him, he was keeping that lemon, I wanted to tell you all the truth. He asks Kusum’s brother to tell truth, else he will forget Kusum’s brother is elder to him.

Kusum’s brother starts acting and says this Chudail has controlled Vardaan completely. I was sleeping in my house, he caught me and locked me inside, I asked him, but he did not answer, as if he was not in senses, he was doing on someone’s saying. He lies to everyone. Vardaan says the black color lemon is still there, you can get that. He asks some villager lady to go and get it. The lady goes to get lemon. Devanshi asks why are you all doing this, what did we do, Kusum permitted us to stay here, leave us alone. Lady says I did not get any lemon there. Vardaan asks what, it was there. Kusum’s brother thinks I disappeared it before, none will get it.

Kusum’s brother says I m proved right, don’t blame Vardaan, he is not bad hearted, he is in Chudail’s control, he needs our help. The people say yes, we can’t bear this chudail. Vardaan gets in front of Sakshi and Devanshi. He asks them not to touch them. Kusum’s brother says fine, we will see if this girl is chudail or not, her hair will have all powers, we will cut her hair and see, her evil powers will end. Devanshi says no one will come and touch my sister’s hair. He says none asked you, its villagers’ decision. People get angry and say we will cut her hair. Devanshi says no. Vardaan says fine, let them do what they want. She asks are you mad, none will come close.

Vardaan asks them to go ahead. Sakshi says I don’t want to get my hair cut. Devanshi says none will cut your hair, I will see who comes near you. She goes and shuts door. Vardaan says none will force them, I will get them. He goes and shuts door. Kusum’s brother asks his man to inform Kusum. Devanshi asks Vardaan to stay away from Sakshi. Vardaan says I m thinking for her good, its between me and Devanshi.

Devanshi pushes him. He holds her angrily and says listen to me silently, what will happen if some hair get cut, hair will come back, but the blame will get erased, its important, I m tired seeing them living in superstitions, I have to end this. Devanshi cries.

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