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Devanshi 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Maya burning Kusum’s hand by fire. Kusum asks her to leave her hand. Maya says this is not ordinary fire, you can learn anyone’s heart talk by this fire. Kusum asks who are you. Maya says I know you want to use Kalki’s powers and make her Mata to get throne, lost respect and trust. Kusum says how do you know this. Maya says if I can know your heart, I can do anything, listen to me carefully.

Gopi asks Devanshi why did she get star and tabla. She says this will help us in getting rain. He asks how, I didn’t understand. She says you would know, people used to sing Rag malhari and make clouds shower rain. He says that times were different, tansen was big singer, how can I do this. She says you can do this, you were waiting for this chance since long, don’t forget, our one try can save Kalki’s life. He says I m a small singer, how can this miracle happen by me. She says I m with you, our Maiyya is with us, we will surely win, person comes in world with a motive and chooses profession, please I request you, its imp to save Kalki.

They get Kalki in temple. Servant says Kalki is going out of control. Nutan says I think gangajal effect got less, she is acting mad again. Kalki shouts I will kill everyone. Devanshi says we have to save Kalki please. Gopi says I can’t do this, but I will try. Devanshi plays sitar. Gopi starts singing and plays tabla. Maya closes her ears. Maya stops Gopi from singing. Gopi coughs. Nutan worries. Maya smiles. Nutan asks Devanshi will she take Gopi’s life, what’s this madness, does rain happen this way. Maya thinks what will Devanshi do now. Devanshi sees Maiyya. She starts singing. The temple bells ring. Devanshi sings. Kusum comes and stops Devanshi. She says Kalki is my daughter. They all get shocked.

Kusum shouts I m her mum. Devanshi says you are lying, Kalki can’t be your daughter, its your trick. Kusum shows the fire over her head and says my heart was repenting when I know Kalki is my daughter, I want to do this repentance. Maya says Kusum is saying right, you were finding Kalki’s mum, what’s wrong to hear her. Kalki shouts. Devanshi stops her. Kalki asks her to leave her.

Devanshi prays to Maiyya. Maya thinks Kalki will get trapped more. It starts raining. Devanshi and everyone see the rain shower and get shocked. Kusum asks Devanshi to give Kalki to her. Devanshi asks Kusum not to touch Kalki, prove Kalki is your daughter, I m responsible if anything happens to Kalki. She takes Kalki out in the rain and makes her stand under rain shower. Kalki gets neutral. Gopi thanks Maiyya. Kalki falls and gets up. She asks how did I come here. Devanshi hugs her and says nothing. Maya gets angry and thinks you have won one game, but I didn’t lose, I have more 5 sins, you will get helpless to lose, you can’t save Kalki.

Nutan wakes up Gopi and asks Gopi to think if Kukarmi Devi comes back, what will happen. Gopi says she is children’s enemy, she does black magic on children, if Devanshi doesn’t find any solution, Kalki will be trapped, we have to do something to save her. Kalki asks Devanshi what happened in temple. Devanshi dries her hair. She says nothing happened. Nutan comes and asks what will we do now, Kusum is saying she is Kalki’s mum. Devanshi signs her. Kalki asks what, is Kusum my mum. Devanshi says no, don’t trust anyone. She wishes Kusum is lying, I have to talk to Pavan, why did he not come till now. She calls Pavan. She messages him asking him did he meet doctor, come back soon, Kusum is saying she is Kalki’s mum, please reply asap.


Devanshi 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kusum says I will prove Kalki is my daughter. Gopi says that book to find solutions is lost. Devanshi says what will we do now.

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