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Devanshi 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Devanshi 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi asking Kusum about Devanshi. Kusum says I did not kill her, she fell down the cliff on own, good thing happened, she was characterless. Devanshi gets angry. Kusum asks her to take shagun bangle. Devanshi refuses. Kusum says I will talk to Vardaan, he is emotional. Devanshi says I don’t your cheap bangles, just do what you said, I can’t wait for him all life. Kusum goes. Devanshi thinks your try to make Devanshi out of his heart will take you close to your end, I was thinking right about Vardaan.

Its morning, Vardaan asks people about Devanshi. He gets sad. A boy says a man saved that girl. A man says none survives after falling from here. Vardaan says if this boy is saying true, Devanshi would be alive, but where is she. He meets travel agent and asks about some old details. The man gives register. Vardaan says why is Shikhar’s address not here if his name is written. The man apologizes. Kusum stops Mohan. Mohan says Vardaan…. he goes here and there, he reached travel agent, whom we gave money to prove Shikhar and Devanshi have an affair, he wants to know if Devanshi is alive, do something.

She says he won’t know anything, Devanshi is dead, she won’t come back, Kalki is not Devanshi. Vardaan comes home and calls out Kusum. He says I got to know truth and sees Devanshi. Kusum asks what truth. Vardaan says Devanshi is alive, I have the proof. Everyone gets shocked. Kusum asks where is she now. Vardaan goes to Devanshi. He says I don’t know, but she survived after falling down the cliff, she is admitted in some hospital, I will find her. Kusum thinks how did she get saved.

Mohan thinks Devanshi is staying as Kalki, I don’t know how to prove it, painting got disappeared. Kusum says we don’t have any connection with Devanshi. He says I will find her out. Gopi sings song that truth has won. Nutan asks him to stop it. They argue. He says this is Maiyya’s justice, see how she has sent Devanshi back to settle scores, see a big storm will come. Nutan asks what did I do with her. Gopi reminds she has taken Devanshi out, all things will be snatched, she will have to pay for this.

Mohan says Kalki is Devanshi, I have seen Ishwar’s painting myself. Kusum says we have checked it, we have to find Devanshi. Pavan says Vardaan is clever, don’t know what’s his plan. Vardaan comes to them. He asks Devanshi will she become Devanshi for her. He says I need to talk to you and shuts door. He says whatever I told Kusum about Devanshi was a lie, I don’t know she survived or not, I know Devanshi and Shikhar’s affair thing was someone’s planning to defame her, truth was she was innocent. She cries. Pavan looks at her. She asks what proof do you have. Vardaan says I called Shikhar and someone else answered. FB shows Vardaan calling Shikhar.

The lady says Shikhar died while returning from Jwalapuri. Vardaan gets shocked. FB ends. Vardaan says we made Shikhar out of village, that girl told me that he died, I doubted who booked their tickets, who wrote that letter by Shikhar’s name, I understood some family member trapped Devanshi, now I have to find her, I want your help, will you help me, it was my life’s biggest mistake to doubt on her, if she was in front of me today, I would have told her how much I….. He cries and says there is no use now, my repentance is to punish that culprit. Pavan says don’t say your story to us, your crimes won’t get less if you cry, don’t drag us in this.

Vardaan says I know, Kalki has no relation with me and my Devanshi, but I m sure, being a woman, she won’t let injustice happen with other woman, I just want her to come as Devanshi, the culprit will attack and we will catch her. Pavan asks shall I risk my wife for your dead wife. Vardaan says I promise, nothing will happen, I have set the plan. Pavan makes him leave. Pavan asks Devanshi not to do this, else her truth will come out. Devanshi recalls Vardaan’s words.

Pavan asks Vardaan why is he troubling his wife, she will not go against me. Vardaan says I feel I understand her now. Devanshi looks on. She says I m ready to help you, I will become Devanshi.


Devanshi 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Devanshi takes her avatar. Kusum says you insulted the temple as Kalki, you will be insulted here. Mohan pulls Devanshi’s saree. Devanshi asks Maiyya till when will she see all this silently.