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Devanshi 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi telling Ishwar that she did not tell the matter to Vardaan, as he would harm himself by handling the matter his way. Ishwar gives her water and consoles. She says no one can snatch my Vardaan. He says I will talk to Vardaan in morning, go and rest, don’t worry. He goes. She cries and hugs his pic. Its morning, Devanshi calls Vardaan and does not connect. She runs downstairs and sees Vardaan in Menka’s lap. She gets shocked. Vardaan wakes up and sees Menka. He gets up. Nutan asks Menka what was going on here.

Menka says I saw Vardaan lying here, he was drunk, I was trying to lift him, his head came in my lap, he was unwell so I was silent. Vardaan says Menka is right, I was much drunk, its not Menka’s mistake. He sees Devanshi and says I did not wish to come back, where would I go. He goes, I had to come. He goes. Devanshi cries. Nutan scolds Menka. Devanshi shouts enough, I explained you, I will not hear a word against Vardaan, if you try to link his name with Menka, I will kick you out of the house, stop all this. She goes. Nutan says Devanshi is blind in Vardaan’s love, I know there is something going on, respect relations, did you fall so low. She goes.

Devanshi gets a bag. Menka asks her not to go anywhere, Vardaan’s anger will cool down. Devanshi says I m not going anywhere, you are leaving this house. Menka asks why are you making me leave, when you don’t believe Nutan. Devanshi says yes, I trust you and Vardaan but I can’t see Vardaan’s defamation, its better you stay in your mum’s house for some days, I will solve this house’s matters. Menka asks her to listen. Devanshi takes her to her house. She sees someone paying money to Kaki. She sees Kusum’s ring. She thinks is that Kusum. Kaki stops Devanshi.

Devanshi sees the woman leaving and asks who was she. Kaki says my relative, why. Devanshi says Kusum used to wear such ring. Kaki asks what do you mean to say, Kusum came to meet me, why do you doubt on me, this marriage happened by your wish. Devanshi says Menka will stay here for some days. Kaki asks why, what did Menka do. Devanshi says Menka will stay with you. Kaki says she can’t stay here, I m going out of village. Devanshi asks where. Kaki worries. Devanshi asks Bua’s house. Kaki says yes. Devanshi says last time, you said you don’t know where is Bua, you were lying, I knew this, Bua is doing wrong with my family, you also know this, Bua did theft right, its enough now, entire village should know your truth, you won’t leave from this villahe. She gets dizzy. Devanshi falls down. Ladies see her and go to see.

At hospital, Vardaan is by Devanshi’s side. Devanshi wakes up. He asks her to just rest. He says you are thinking I was angry, what am I doing here, when Menka told me you fainted, I was much worried, all anger went, don’t say anything, I m sorry, I reached temple and did not get you there, I got mad in anger. She says I lied because…. He says no need to explain, you would have done this for some reason, forget this, after fighting with you, my mood stays bad, take rest, I will meet doctors and come, I have to take you home. Devanshi stops him and hugs. They smile. Piya re…..plays……

Devanshi thinks why do I feel there is some connection between Kusum and Bua, I have to find out. Doctor comes and says congrats, you are pregnant, you don’t take stress. Devanshi happily cries. Doctor asks Devanshi to take rest. Devanshi thinks if I tell truth to Vardaan, he will ask me to rest, I have to find about Kusum, I have to be careful. She says I will just come and leaves.

Vardaan comes and asks about her. Nurse says she just went out, I tried to stop her. Vardaan tries to call her. Ward boy asks for doctor and says Sumit tried to commit suicide. Vardaan says Sumit…. Devanshi says auto driver dropped the lady here, I have to find clue that Kusum is Bua. She hides sand sees Bua coming. She gets shocked seeing Kusum.


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